Zcode System Review – The PURE TRUTH & The $1386 SCAM I Discovered…

In this very detailed z-code system review I will be walking you guys through my experience with the whole thing so that you can get to decide on whether you should or should not use z-code.

I will walk you through the $1385 that I lost to a z-code scam (VERY IMPORTANT), my experience from about 10 months of being a paid member of the z-code system, the pros that I found, the cons, what you actually get inside and of course, every other thing I think you should know.


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With all that said, letโ€™s get started with making sure everyone thatโ€™s reading this actually has a clear understanding of what the z-code is and how it works.


What is the Zcode System?

The z-code system is a sports betting/investing program that analyzes years of sports data and form that data spits out the best bets to make for maximum profit of each sports game.

Zcode has been around for like 13 years now, and form all the data that they have collated, they have created an effective algorithm that actually makes the right predictions which will help members of the zcode family win big in their sports investing ventures.

Members get access to betting predictions on very big sports brands such as the NBA, NFL, MBL, soccer, NHL and the rest of them. I have attached an image of what their memberโ€™s area, looks like on the inside, below.

zcode members area image

Now, that I am sure everyone has a good understanding of what the zcode system is all about, lets now get into the real deal and talk about my $1386 loss, the scam I discovered and how exactly you can stay away from it because it can actually happen to anyone. (So read carefully right now.)


The $1386 Zcode SCAM I Discovered!

I have been in sports betting for a while now but I just recently heard of the z-code system while I was reading up an article trying to find out how one could succeed and win more in sports betting/investing.

It happened that on the website where I was reading the article, I saw an ad saying something about winning more in your sports investing career and I quickly clicked over and that was the first time I heard of the zcode system.

And the next thing I did was that I went over to google to search for zcode reviews so that I would hear what other people that have used them had to say about them.

I read through a review on there and decided that I was going to pay and become a member of the zcode family, but then, I noticed that there was this advert that was talking about a 90% discount OFF the zcode system and as a normal human being that I was, I fell for it and I went to pay through their website.

What I noticed was that, as soon as I entered my card details to make the payment on their website, I noticed that my card was charged $198 seven good times and that equaled the $1386 that I lost.

As soon as I realized what happened, I got curious immediately and that was when my brain told me to look at the domain of the website that I paid through and when I looked I saw that it wasnโ€™t even the real zcode website.

It was a domain called โ€œwww.onsale.comโ€ instead of the normal โ€œwww.zcodesystem.comโ€ and what they did was that they created a website that looks just exactly like the real zcode website and then, they put it on a subdomain called โ€œwww.zcodesystem.onsale.comโ€ so that you would think that they are legit.

What they then do after that is that they start t run adverts targeted to people like you and me, promising us that we would get 70, 80 and 90% discounts so that we would fall for it and give them our credit card details.

I fell for it and I lost almost all the money on my card at the moment and I even had to go to the bank to block their access to my card.

So you have to be careful so that you donโ€™t end up falling for the same SCAM that I fell for. The only discount that you can get from the zcode people is just a 15% discount and I will still put the link to their official website where I later paid for my membership with the 15% discount that I talked to you about.

When you have gone through all the pros and cons and youโ€™re ready to pay for your own zcode system membership, I would strongly recommend you CLICK HERE and use the coupon code: EARLYBIRD15OFF to get a real discount that is offered by the real and official zcode people.

And if youโ€™re not ready to buy pay now I would recommend you bookmark this page so that you can easily come back to it and use the correct links. It is also important for you guys to know what the real website looks like so I attached an image of what it looks like.

I also added some pointers to point out the fact that you must make sure the seed domain name is โ€œโ€ and also you must make sure it has the โ€œClickbankโ€ mark by the lower-left corner of the page as you see in the image below.

zcode system home sales page

So, now that I have walked you guys through the SCAM that I fell for and how you can stay away from it, letโ€™s now jump into my experience and results from 10 months of using zcode.


My Personal Experience & Results From Using Zcode

After I got scammed. It actually took me some time and guts to actually summon up the courage to still go out and pay for zcode on their original website.

After I paid for my first month, I watched the webinar that they make you watch first when you join the program as a fresher. The webinar actually took me through everything that a newbie needed to know about the zcode membership areaโ€™

It just walked me through how to get around things, where to find different proven sports betting strategies and as well, what to do to start seeing profits.

The same seminar equally has segments where you get to learn things like money management and a bunch of other rules that will help prevent you from wasting and losing all your money to bets when getting started as a beginner.

It is also important for you to know that the first webinar is a must-watch and I would really recommend you bring out the time to watch it because I myself actually learned a lot as well when I watched the webinar.

When I was done with the first webinar, the next thing in line for me to do was to just to open my booking accounts. And for those of us who might not know how to do this, there is actually a very detailed tutorial inside of the zcode system members area to guide you well on how to do it.

After I was done with joining a booking organization, I started learning to understand the robots and that part was actually quite simple because it was actually straight forward.

I still took time to go through their ebooks and all that and all these things took me about close to a week to do but when I was done, I was confident and ready that it was actually time for me to start placing them bets and winning.

And from their recommendations, I actually placed bets on my first game in soccer and I lost it (though it was discouraging) I still ket up with the hustle and made the other runs, and as Iโ€™m writing this, I have made about 57 bets on sports with zcodeโ€™s recommendations and I have won at least 49 out of them and thatโ€™s about an 84% win rate.

So, YES the zcode system works well and I would recommend it to anyone that really wants to get big checks with sports betting/investing.

BUT you have to make sure you donโ€™t make the same $1386 SCAM mistake I made and to ensure that I would recommend you to use the link I put below when paying for your zcode system plan. (The link will also give you a 15% discount when you use the code: EARLYBIRD15OFF)

You can CLICK HERE to go and make your payment on the official zcode system website with the 15% discount. It should look something like what you see in the image below when youโ€™re there.

Now that I have walked you guys through my personal experience with the zcode system, you can either click on the link above and head over there if you have made the decision, but if you still need more information then keep reading because I will walk you through the pros and cons that I found while using it.


Zcode Pros & Cons

Iโ€™ll start with the pros.


  1. The first thing that I would love to mention as a pro would be the fact that their stuff works and actually provides results and I can confidently say this anywhere because I have used zcode and I have seen it work.
  2. They actually have like a community pro of sports better /investors that give their results, experience, predictions, loses and experience. That can really be very helpful. Below you can see an image of a bunch of people talking about their wins and losses in the community.
  3. people talking in the zcode system community
  4. They have detailed training videos that can put anyone through on how to get started the right way, unlike most of the other sports betting platforms thatโ€™ll live you confused right after youโ€™ve paid.
  5. The fact that they also have a 60-day money-back guarantee is super encouraging because that makes the whole thing risk-free because you can try their system and ask for your money back if it doesnโ€™t work for you.
  6. The last thing that I would love to mention as a pro that comes with the z-code system is the fact that the zcode system has been around for more than a decade and that fact actually tells well about their experience in the game of sports betting.

Now that weโ€™ve had a comprehensive look through on the things that I consider pros, lets now walkthrough the things that I consider cons.


  1. The first thing that I would consider a con would be the fact that for most people, the entry price might be a problem for them as they might not be able to pay the $198 but I have a discount link and code you can use to get a 15% discount right now. (When youโ€™re ready to pay, just CLICK HERE and use the coupon code: EARLYBIRD15OFF )
  2. The second thing that I would love to mention as a con about the zcode system would be the fact that it does not actually give anyone a 100% win rate and I know that as human beings thatโ€™s what we all want but as I said before, I personally have had an 84% win rate and thatโ€™s what most people that use zcode get.

You can play the video below to see what the zcode membersโ€™ area looks like.

Now that I have walked you guys through the pros and cons that come with the zcode system. I will just walk you through what other people like you and me who are currently using the zcode system say about the thing.

What Other Zcode Users Say

I have scoured the internet and I have found a bunch of reviews that were actually left by people who have used zcode and I will be sharing the screenshots that I took below so that you guys get to see for yourselves.

what other zcode users say

feed back from another zcode customer

another customer feedback

another testimonial from a zcode system user

review from someone that has used the zcode system

what the last person that I got said about zcode


TO CONCLUDE: Is The Zcode System Good?

From what weโ€™ve seen in the pros, cons and my personal experience as a user of the zcode system, the answer to that would be an obvious โ€œYESโ€.

I have personally had an 84% win rate with the tips provided by the zcode people and I am sure it will work for you because it works for everybody else that uses their strategies.

But while paying for zcode, you have to make sure you stay away from those people that will promise you huge 80 and 90% discounts and end up scamming you after they get your credit card details. You have to make sure youโ€™re buying it from the official website of the zcode people.

The only official discount that they offer is a 15% discount like you see in the image below and you can get it by simply going through a discounted link and I have put a discounted link below.

IMPORTANT: If youโ€™re not ready to pay for zcode now, I would recommend you bookmark this page so that when youโ€™re ready to join, you can just open up this page and use this>> DISCOUNTED LINK with the coupon code: EARLYBIRD15OFF. (to get the 15% OFF while paying)

zcode system discount and coupon

Thanks for reading guys. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to write it down in the comments section below as I will always be there to answer and reply as always. Thanks again!


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