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Xiaomi Utility Tool Latest Version v3.4.5 Free Download 2021

Xiaomi Utility Tool v3.4.0, Xiaomi redmi note 9 pro high innovation for MI devices, with a lot of multi-function to help you get rid of your FRP, etc.


Xiaomi Utility Tool
Xiaomi Utility Tool is a free tool to support Xiaomi devices eg, xiaomi redmi note 9 pro and some other Android
devices, to support faster TWRP flash, remove system apps without rooting, speed up phone performance.
FEATURE OF Xiaomi Utility Tool:

Xiaomi Utility Tool has main features :

– Quick install TWRP of Xiaomi devices     – Flash rom MIUI tgz file.
– Uninstall/install normal apps and system apps without rooting or unlocking the bootloader
– Xiaomi Utility Tool Install Vietnamese for rom MIUI china 50% (Notebook)
– Speed up the device one click.
– Check Anti-Rollback status and unlock bootloader status of the device.
– Boot back and forth between system, fastboot, recovery and edl.
– Send link from PC to phone and open in phone browser.
– Change your phone’s DPI, help display more information on the screen.
– Xiaomi Utility Tool Remove the Google Xiaomi account (FRP).
– Lock bootloader (install rom when you bought it and then lock it with this item)  – Unlock bootloader android one and some pure google devices.
– Wipe clean all data.
– Install apk file from a computer.
– Install zip file from the computer (requires phone into TWRP and enable ADB Sideload).
– Flash regional fix file (requires phone into TWRP and enable ADB Sideload).     – Turn on dark mode MIUI and some other Android devices.
– Send phone number to phone and make a call.
– Screen recording and screenshots from the tool.
– Backup and restore all data and apk of the device.
– Check battery status, battery bottle and machine information.
– Install the latest Youtube 15.33.34 and MicroG.
  • Also, there are additional features.

TWRP-3.3.1-1002-XIAOMI8EE-CN-wzsx150-fast boot for Mi 8 EE Ursa Android 9 has been added.

  • TWRP-3.3.2B-0301-XIAOMI8EE-CN-wzsx150-fast boot for Mi 8 EE Ursa Android 10 has been added.


  • Twrp-3.4.0-0-ursa is now available for Mi 8. EE Ursa Android 10 has been added.
  • TWRP-3.3.0-0423-REDMI6A-CN-wzsx150 for Redmi 6A Cactus Android 9 has been added.



Command: fastboot flash recovery twrp.img

✅ The feature supports a lot of Xiaomi devices.

✅ Must unlock your bootloader,

  • then enter fastboot mode and use this feature.

    ✅ Start Automatically check bootloader unlock status. If the device is unlocked the bootloader will allow continuing flashing the file.

    ✅ Xiaomi Utility Automatically check Anti-rollback. If the device is using a rom with Anti-rollback 4, Xiaomi Utility Tool will automatically flash the dummy.img file.

    ✅ Automatically flash the vbmeta file if available.

    ✅ Load Automatically flash misc.bin file.

    ✅ Auto flash selected twrp file.

    ✅  reboot after 8 seconds after the flash is finished.

    ✅ Support flashing your twrp file if the system is not available.

Youtube Link: HERE


Download Xiaomi Utility Tool Here:

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