WP Safelink v4.3.12 + Key Converter Your Download Link To Adsense Earning


WP Safelink – Convert your download link into Adsense. Solution for those of you who have a downloadable blog but want to install Adsense on the blog that violates Adsense’s policy. WP Safelink WordPress Plugins is the solution to the problem you are facing right now.

Demo WP Safelink v4.3.12:


Product Features

Automatically generate links
Automatically turn all external links into links that will make money on a page especially safe links for Adsense ads.

Manual link generation
In addition to having an automatic link generation mode, these plugins are also equipped with a manual link generation mode that can generate internal links.

New Create short and long links
In v3.0 added short links can show shorter links so they look more professional.

Views and clicks counter
Additional features in WP Safelink v3.0 can count the number of visitors clicking on the converting link, so it can easily manage the clicked links.

3 types of permalinks
There are three types of permalinks in the New version of WP Safelink. These 3 types of permalinks can help to show running Adsense ads more perfectly.

WORDPRESS: WP Rocket Nulled – WordPress Caching Plugin

Block visitor pages with the Adblock extension, which will help create the perfect CTR value.

New Unlimited Redirect Page Loop
You can use wp safelink and redirect to another wp safelink site with simple steps. You can make the most of your earning potential.

New Adlinkfly Integration
You can integrate WP Safelink into your adlinkfly script so you can use Adsense in your adlinkfly shortlink and earn money together.

New WP Safelink Client
Integrating your download blog into your WP Safelink website has never been easier with the WP Safelink Client.

WP Safelink Products
More suitable for website applications / Software download

WP Safelink is a WordPress plugin that will help your blog/website get hundreds, even thousands of dollars.
Perhaps many people do not know about how to make money from blog downloads by installing adsense.

How to install Adsense on a blog download possible??

Of course you can, as long as you know how, and of course this method is already widely used by other bloggers, so do you want to skip this method and ignore Adsense results? To make money Adsense from pirated blogs, the risk that you will get is that Adsense account is banned.
Then what do you do?? he said candidates ban Adsense, how can you make money from Adsense?

We introduce the WordPress plugin “WP Safelink” that will help you make money from Adsense with blogs that download pirated software, pirated videos, pirated apps without fear of being banned by Adsense.

Increase your Adsense earnings with “WP Safelink”
WP Safelink works as if creating a short link and at the same time presents a page that will trick the visitor to click on the ad on the page, this way it will definitely increase your Adsense CTR by 2x and even multiply.

WP Safelink is specifically for those of you who have or are managing a download blog, whether it’s freeware or pirated like so much roaming the internet world.

Of course they used methods like this, Well… now it’s your turn to earn Adsense money from the download blog you are managing.

Special feature “ANTI ADBLOCK”
Against visitors who install Adblock to release the Adblock extension from their browser, in this case the ad will run without being hidden by the Adblock Extension.

This can of course benefit advertising publishers.

And the special thing is that it works similar to how to redirect the link of the blogs FREEWP.IO

Changelog: WP Safelink – Converter Your Download Link to Adsense
WP Safelink v4.3.11
Client v1.0.3

Changelog Not Found!

Changelog Not Found!

Download WP Safelink v4.3.12 Nulled:




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