Upleap Reviews – I Spent $300+ On Upleap Plans & Here’s My Review

I’m someone who used the $39 upleaps plan for about 10 months straight on one of my Instagram accounts and it ended up being a total of $390 and for that reason I think I’m the better placed to give you an honest review so that you would be able to make an informed decision on whether or not you should use upleap’s Instagram growth service. But before going into the full article, I would like you to read the review below before you jump in.


  1. If after learning the pros and cons of upleap in this article and you finally decide to use upleap, I recommend you to go through a coupon link at checkout to get a discount. You can CLICK HERE when you are done reading to do so.
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What exactly is Upleap? (An overview)

Upleap is an Instagram growth software that claims to help you grow real and organic followers on Instagram and they also claim to give you a personal and dedicated account manager who only devotes time to growing your Instagram accounts.

As stated on the Upleap website, they claim to increase your engagement and sales (if you’re an Instagram business person). Upleap has been around for a few years and has made a name for itself in the Instagram marketing niche by coming out on top to win the #1 Instagram tool of 2018โ€ฆ BUT the big question remains: IS UPLEAP LEGAL?

Upleap, as stated on their website, is an Instagram growth software and is actually aimed at people and businesses who want to reach more audiences using one of the most popular. social media networks on the planet right now! (Instagram) and to be precise, upleap would be good for people like:

  • Bloggers
  • Aspiring social media influencers
  • YouTubers
  • Twitch Players
  • Online shops, real estate agents and also personal accountsโ€ฆ

So, now that I’m sure you know exactly what Upleap does and who it’s for, let’s take a look at the pros and cons I’ve found using itโ€ฆ

Pros: What I like about Upleap

Here I will go over the things I really like about upleap as an Instagram growth software and they include:

  • The first thing I love then is the fact that they have real customer reviews from real customers who got real results using their Instagram growth tool from all over the webโ€ฆ
  • The second thing I love about upleap is the fact that they really dedicate personal account managers to your Instagram account and they’re actually one of the very few Instagram growth platforms that provide a service of fully managed Instagram growthโ€ฆ
  • Another thing I like about upleap is that they have super responsive customer support who will always be there to answer all your questions and help you with all your Instagram needsโ€ฆ
  • With upleap, you actually get diversity in your account promotion strategies, and what I mean by that is that upleap doesn’t just comment on people’s posts or just like other people’s posts people, upleap is branching out and using both Instagram posts, comments and views. stories, following other people, etc.
  • A very advantageous feature of Upleap is its 100% secure payment process which ensures that users are not made vulnerable while making payments on the upleap platformโ€ฆ
  • Another advantage of upleap is the fact that they have a very secure login process, unlike many of their competitors in the Instagram growth tools marketโ€ฆ
  • The last but not the least thing that I like about upleap is the fact that it is very easy to integrate and set up as you would just need to answer a few questions which your Instagram account manager will then use to find the exact tactics and parameters which it would go by working on growing your Instagram accountโ€ฆ

Cons: Things I don’t like about Upleap

In this section of this upleap review, I will talk about the things I don’t like about upleap and they include:

  • Uses Instagram’s automation strategy (who is not encouraged by Instagram, but who cares? We all get away with it 100% of the times)

Upleap Features: What Can It Do?

Upleap can basically help you grow your Instagram account by doing all the tasks that you would have to spend hours and hours doing if done by youโ€ฆ I will go on and list the features of upleap Instagram growth tool below- below:

  • Story views include: with this feature upleap instagram growth tool will go out and see millions of stories of people who are interested in your instagram profile and by just doing this these people will probably notice and follow your accountโ€ฆ

  • The follow and unfollow function: this feature as i guess you already know is sorting out and following the people you are targeting on your instagram account and following themโ€ฆ They will notice your account and follow you and once they follow you upleap will follow and follow them will follow!
  • The similar function: This feature on upleap looks like a bunch of posts on the accounts of the people you are targeting and this way these people see that you like their posts and through this they will also view your own account and engage with you!
  • Targeting feature: this upleap feature lets you set to your account manager who you want to get as followers on instagram and with upleap you can do that with many variables like telling upleap to get followers who live in a particular location, people who used a particular hashtag, people who liked a particular post, or even people who follow a particular account!

Pricing: how much does Upleap cost?

upleap has three major pricing plans, and they include $39 per month plan, $69 per month plan, and $99 per month plan. If you want to pay annually you can save up to 40% offโ€ฆ screenshot showing you a preview of what their 3 plans look like and what you get in each of the plansโ€ฆ But they also have a NO CREDIT CARD REQUIRED 3 day trial.

Photo showing Upleap plans

How does Upleap work?

Upleap works in just three simple steps and includes:

  1. Sign up for their 3 day free trial. Which can be done by clicking THIS LINK.
  2. Get in touch with your assigned account manager, then
  3. Tell your account manager what kind of followers you want and WATCH YOUR ACCOUNT GROW!

Is Upleap safe for your Instagram?

the answer to this question is a straight line “YES” like upleap has grown thousands and thousands of Instagram accounts without banning or blocking them. and I don’t think your own Instagram account will be any differentโ€ฆ So yes, Upleap is safe for your Instagram account!

What are other Upleap customers saying?

I searched the internet and found the top 5 reviews from people who are currently using upleap to grow their Instagram accounts and here is what they said, all quoted below:

Upleap review from trustpilot

Does Upleap have any alternatives?

Yes.. upleap has a bunch of competitors and alternatives and first of all i will list below the best upleap alternative that i know of and then compare it with upleap so you can take your pick. The alternative I am talking about is another Instagram growth tool known as Kickstaโ€ฆ

so now that you know the best alternative to upleap i will now compare upleap with Kicksta so that you can make the right decision as to what to use between upleap and From the kickโ€ฆ

Upleap vs. Kicksta

Kicksta is another Instagram growth tool in the market and it’s one of upleap’s competitors and I’m going to compare them both, and I’ll compare them via their prices, customer reviews and many more factors โ€ฆ

Kicksta vs. Upleap: Price

Regarding pricing, upleap has a cheaper feat as upleap offers you three packages which include their lite plan which costs $39, standard plan which costs $69 and premium plan which costs $99 while Kicksta offers two packages pricing which includes their Creative plan which costs $49 and their Professional plan which costs $99 per month and you can preview what you get in these Kicksta plans in the image below:

kicksta vs upleap price

What are Kicksta customers saying about them?

you can see below a list of reviews that I found on the internet on Kickstaโ€ฆ

kicksta reviews

kicksta 3 review

kicksta 2 review

Kicksta vs. Upleap: Features

Below I will compare the features that upleap and Kicksta give you access to so you can make a choice without asking any questions. This will be done in the form of the table below:


From the kick

Gives you a 3-day free trial Doesn’t offer a free trial
Pricing plans start at $39, $69, and $99 Pricing plans start at $49 and $99
Follows and no longer follows Follows and no longer follows
Automatically love Automatically love
Targets #hashtags, places & influencers Targets #hashtags, places & influencers
Has a growth tracker Has a growth tracker
You benefit from a dedicated account manager You don’t have a dedicated account manager

FINALLY: Is Upleap legit?

In my opinion I would say this is 100% legit as it has worked for me for the last 10 months now as an individual and YES I would recommend it to anyone willing to give it a try. I recommend signing up for their 3-day free trial first to see how it goes for you, BUT I would always recommend using a coupon link when signing up so you can get a discount when you’re ready to pay. (You can find coupon links that will get you the discounts in this post, because all links to Upleap from this post are 100% COUPONED. So just click anyone and create your account.

However, do you have any doubts? Watch the Upleap review below

If you’ve read my review so far, I think you should just watch the video below to hear what a real upleap user had to say about themโ€ฆ

If after watching the review video you have finally decided that you now want to try upleap to see if it will work for you. I will recommend you CLICK HERE to go to their website and sign up for a free trial, because the link I told you to click on will actually give you a discount when you’ve exhausted your free trial and are ready to pay.

Upleap 3 day free trial

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