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Introduce about TextNow
At the moment you’re reading this composition, there are hundreds of thousands of calls and dispatches being transferred every second. Communication problems in the history were delicate and precious. But it’s now fully free and TextNow is offering similar services. Download this app, get your alternate phone number and connect with loved bones snappily.

Call your musketeers fluently
Just like Whatsapp Messenger or Truecaller, you can make unlimited voice calls and shoot textbook dispatches when using this app.

It includes voice converse, shoot filmland, textbook dispatches and external calls. TextNow will give each stoner a virtual phone number ( analogous to the ID) with area canons in the US and Canada. Numerous businesses say that they’ve saved a lot of telecommunications costs when using this operation to communicate mates in these areas.
In terms of textbook dispatches, the app has an force of icons, stickers, icons and gifs with a variety of themes so you can freely express/ convey your particular passions directly.

Excellent quality
The quality of the call has always been a problem that numerous major inventors haven’t plant the answer to. When they connect to each other via a weak internet connection, the information in the form of electromagnetic swells can not be transmitted rightly, performing in hindrance and loss of information. TextNow is of better quality, presumably the stylish I ’ve ever known. It can still work in a weak connectionstate.However, it’ll notify the stoner before decoupling, If the internet is no longer stable.

In addition, it’s also possible to make transnational calls through telecommunications networks at an extremely cheap cost, only$0.01 per second.

In terms of costs, you can pay for them or earn a reduction from in-app events.

The interface is optimized
TextNow’s interface is designed relatively beautiful and elegant. It focuses on the features that a stoner is interested in so is relatively simple and you don’t need to spend time to learn how to use.
The inventor also added lanes and allowed druggies to assign them to the home screen. Texting someone or making a call is faster than ever.

In addition, you can also customize the display interface, including sound, textbook’s sources and size, ringtones for dispatches or calls.
Security and personalization
A fairly sensitive issue is that we do n’t want anyone checking our phones, reading dispatches or the people we’ve been communicated. Messenger or analogous operations don’t give security mechanisms by using watchwords to cover. You’ll have to use third- party services to do this. But with TextNow, it was integrated. You can set up PassCode to help someone from trying to foray your sequestration without your concurrence.

There’s also Google’s SmartLock technology. It provides a smart word director, you do n’t need to study watchwords every time you log in. This process may be moderated by vindicated bias. The monitoring way will also be recorded for you to have the most strict control. The door for hacker is also closed!

Support on multiple platforms
On utmost popular platforms like Android, IOS (iPhone/ iPad), Windows or macOS, you can install TextNow. This brings suspicious convenience when you can witness it anywhere. In the office, the cafe or indeed when sitting in the auto.
Synchronization is one of the outstanding features of this operation. All calls, textbooks, sounds or images you’re making on your iPhone will be transferred to all bias that remain logged in. As a result, the information won’t be lost when you switch bias.

MOD APK interpretation of TextNow
MOD point
Premium Uncorked Uncorked all features of the Premium interpretation. You can download and use it for free.

How to login in the MOD?
Download and install the original TextNow, also log in
. Provisory app data using Titan Provisory or any other operation.
Uninstall the original and install the MOD interpretation
Restore backed up data
Everything is ready
Download TextNow Premium APK (MOD Uncorked)
Download TextNow and enjoy the stylish services. Communicate your musketeers snappily and accessibly, make transnational call outs at a veritably cheap cost. The app has over 50 million active druggies. Will you be coming in this community?


Latest FEATURE: Without Wifi, you can now use TextNow! Get FREE unrestricted calls and texts in the US through the Nationwide Sprint Network. Check if your phone is eligible, then press on “Free Coverage” in the app menu to get phone service without a phone bill.

TextNow Inc.

Version v2.47.0.0
Updated December 22, 2020
Requirements Varies with device
Size 80M



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