Stellation Media Review – I Spent $894 On It (SEE MY RESULTS!)

I spent a total of $894 on stellation media and in this review, I will be walking you all through my results so that you will be able to make an informed decision on whether or not stellation media is something you would want to use for yourself or not…

So, without wasting much of your very precious time, let’s get right into the review by making sure everyone reading this review knows exactly what stellation media is all about…


What Exactly Is Stellation Media?

Stellation media is a web-based Instagram growth software that claims to help both businesses and individuals gain real and engaging Instagram followers that will like your posts and engage with you for real…

But the real question remains… DOES IT REALLY WORK???” and that’s exactly what we’re about to find out by looking at my Instagram account where I paid for the $149 plan for about 6 months in other to see where stellation media will take my account to.

At the time that I started paying and using stellation media, I actually had about 103 followers on my Instagram account at the time… You can see what it looked like in the screenshot I attached below:

proof of my instagram account before I started using stellation media

So, now that you guys have seen where my Instagram account was at before I started using stellation media lets now go ahead and look at where I’m at right now at the time of writing this post… But before I get right into that, I’ll want us to look at a few things first.

These things include, how stellation media works, its features, the good and bad things about it, and finally, where I’m at with my Instagram accounts growth after spending over $800 on stellation media.


Here’s How Stellation Media Works!

Stellation media works in such a way that once you have created your account and have made a valid payment the next step would be for you to give them the name of your competitors.

And YEAH, what I mean by competitors are people who already have thousands of the exact kind of Instagram followers that you would like to have.

For Example: Let me assume you own an account that is about weight loss and you have paid for your stellation media plan, the people you should give stellation media as your competitors should be people who have tens or hundreds of thousands of followers who are also interested in weight loss.

So, once, you’ve provided stellation media with this information, what they will do to get you these real and active followers is that they would go out of their way to automatically engage with the people who actively engage with the posts of those competitors that you have given them.

For Example: Whenever your competitors make a post and it gets likes and comments from the thousands of people that follow them, what stellation media does here is that they go out to automatically like and comment on the photos of those people that have engaged with your competitors.

Simple right? YEAH, that’s exactly how stellation media works! and now that we know that, lets now take a look at the features of stellation media to see what it can actually do for us…


Stellation Media Features: What Can it Do?

Here I’ll talk about all the features that the stellation media Instagram growth software has so that you’ll know exactly what you’re paying for when you finally make a payment.

1. The Instagram Inbox Feature:

This Instagram inbox feature is just a very basic one that lets you actually see and manage your Instagram direct message (DM) section without much stress at all from inside of the stellation media dashboard.

2. The Profile Management Feature:

This profile management feature works in such a way that it too is a very simple feature that enables you to deal with customizing everything that’s inside your Instagram account from inside of the stellation media dashboard… You can handle and change things like your username, website, bio, phone number, email, privacy, and lots of other things.

3. DM Cleaner:

This one is another simple tool that you can use to easily clean out all unwanted or irrelevant messages that are in your direct message (DM) box on Instagram… This particular stellation media feature has been very very useful to me personally.

4. The Auto Story Repost Feature:

This particular feature is self-explanatory because as the name implies, it’s pretty obvious what it does for you. It helps you repost other people’s stories randomly and automatically on your own Instagram story feed.

5. The Schedule Feature:

As the name implies, this particular feature on stellation media helps you schedule your Instagram posts to post automatically when you want them to post. That’s just what this one does for you and to me, this particular feature has been very very beneficial to me as regards my growth on Instagram because I use it a lot.

6. The Mass Voting Feature:

That enables us to vote on other people’s Instagram stories automatically with the main aim of getting their attention to our Instagram account so that they end up following us.

7. The Mass Story Viewing Feature:

This one as the name implies simply views Instagram stories automatically in large numbers on a daily basis with the main aim of getting people to notice our accounts and in return follow us if they like what they see… This story viewing feature is something that’s hot on Instagram growth right now.

8. Mass Automatic Direct Messages (DM):

This ass DM feature automatically sends direct messages to people that you’ve had a conversation with in the past on your Instagram account and can also send automatic direct messages to new followers once they follow you. This kind of message is usually a “thank you for following me” kind of message.

9. The Mass Follow/Unfollow/Like Feature:

This one is one of the most important and most used features on this list because it is actually what gets people’s attention the most… As the name implies, it obviously can automatically follow, unfollow, and massively like pictures with your Instagram account & that’s how we get most of the followers.

10. Advanced Analytics:

This advanced analytics feature as the name implies are simply there to help you get a good understanding of how your Instagram account’s growth… It’s a clean and sleek looking dashboard that helps you get an idea of your progress so far at a glance.

11. Auto Accept Followers:

This feature is important for people or business Instagram accounts that are set on private. You know that when people follow private Instagram accounts, the owners will have to manually go and accept or reject these follow requests but with this feature inside of stellation media, you get to do it automatically.

12. Image Editor:

This feature, from its name, is pretty much self-explanatory as it is obviously there to help you edit your Instagram pictures if you would want to do it…

Now that we’ve looked at what these features are, let’s now looks though the pros and cons of stellation media because you’ll need to know in other to weigh and make your final decision. I’ll start with the pros and afterward, move onto the cons.

PROS: Things I Like About Stellation Media!

Here I’ll go over the things that I personally liked while I was using stellation media so that you’ll know what these beneficial positives are all about right below:

1. Fast Customer Response Times:

The fact that I actually received a very very fast response from one of their support team members each time I run into any issue or need help with anything is something that I worth mentioning as a pro here because from my experience In testing out most Instagram growth service, about 75% of them have very very bad customer support and stellation media actually passes that here…

2. The Personal Account Managers That I Got:

After I made my payment with stellation media, I was assigned with a personal account manager that I could ask questions and get advice from as regards what the best growth strategies for my Instagram account are… And this thing is something that I’d consider a pro because you don’t get this from most of the other Instagram growth companies out there.


This one is something that most of the stellation media’s top competitors like Kicksta won’t offer you. And Like I said before you can >>CLICK HERE<< it’s a special referral link that will actually get you their free demo and also a discount if you want to commit to making a payment after using their FREE demo.

And for those who might not know, what this stellation media FREE demo does for you is that it actually will help you try out the product on your Instagram profile for 100% FREE so that you’ll see how it actually works and then make the final decision on whether or not it’s something you’d want to use based on the kind of growth and engagement you’ll see on your Instagram account.

4. The Knowledge Base & The Live Chat:

While using stellation media, one thing I liked about their service is the fact that they had a quick knowledge base that users like you and I could easily go to to find answers to quick and commonly asked questions. Also, the fact that they have a live chat that one could use to connect and have a live chat with one of their support team members to help you solve whatever issues you’re having t the time.

5. The Fact That It Worked:

We both know that there are tonnes of Instagram growth companies out there that claim that they’ll get you real followers but at the end of the day sends you a bunch of very fast and fake followers. But trust me on this one, this one is slow, steady, and most importantly delivers only REAL people that really engage with your post.

So, yeah, the fact that stellation media worked for me is something worth mentioning here because I’ve tried other Instagram services like stim social in the past and they have done nothing but fail and fail time and time again…


Now that I have walked you all through what these things are, I will now move ahead and walk you through the things that I didn’t really like about stellation media so that you’ll be able to weigh out the goods and the bads before you get to make your final decision.


CONS: Things You Might Not Really Like About Stellation Media!

Now, I’ll walk you all through what these things that I feel you might not like about stellation media are right below this paragraph:

1. There are No Refunds But Its Justifiable:

The first thing that might turn a lot of people off from wanting using stellation media is the fact that it does not have any way for you get your money back if you do not like their service, but as I said, it’s justifiable because they offer you a FREE demo to be able to test out their program so that if you don’t like it you won’t have any reason to ask for a refund because you’re the one that will decide on whether or not you want to use their service after the 100% FREE demo.

2. Apart From The Fact That They:

Don’t have a money-back policy, I haven’t really found anything wrong with their service at the time of writing this review here, but if I do at any point I will be sure to update the post immediately…

And now that we have looked at all these things, lets now get to the main point of this article which is: “did stellation media actually work for me??”


FINALLY: Here Are My Stellation Media Results!

Like I said before, I went ahead and paid for stellation media’s $149 standard plan and set up the necessary stuff on there and after I did that, I sat back and started checking my account on a daily and I started seeing very little and slow growth but I was still worried about the engagement of my Instagram account.

And I just knew I just had to give the thing time because my initial plan was to let it run for 6 months straight and see where it gets me… And YEAH, to keep things short here… I will now show you a screenshot of my Instagram account after about 6 months of letting this stellation media run their growth service on my Instagram account.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Before I finally show you the results that I got after the 6 months passed if after seeing these results you finally decide that you’ll use stellation media then I’ll recommend you >>CLICK THROUGH THIS LINK<< to request a 100% FREE demo that’ll also get you a discount when you finally decide to make an actual payment after the FREE demo.

Now, with all that said, lets now go ahead and look at where I am right now with my Instagram account at the time of writing this review…

To keep things short here, I am currently at about 4200+ active followers that like and comment on my posts and the fact that they do that clearly tells me that the followers that these stellation media people get you are actually 100% real and active people and I think I will keep paying for their service because I will be on the road to 10k+ followers on Instagram which has been my dream if I continue with the kind of organic growth that they give me.

You can see a screenshot of my Instagram account right now at the time of writing this post down below:

my instagram account right after I used stellation media

So, YES, stellation media does work and as I said, I would recommend you >>CLICK HERE<< to go and get a 100% FREE demo where they’ll let their growth service run on your Instagram account for a while so that you’ll only pay money when if you like what you see with the FREE demo.

Now that I have walked you through what my results were, I believe you should have made your decision on whether or not this thing is something you would want to use or not at this point in reading this post…

If it’s a YES great 🙂 and if it’s a NO, be sure to leave me a comment in the comments section of this article let me know exactly why so that I’ll think in your direction.

Now with all that said, I’ll now go ahead and answer some commonly asked questions that relate to stellation media right below so that I’ll be sure that everyone who reads this review will be left with little to no questions at all…

So, let me get started:

Is Stellation Media 100% Safe?

Stellation media like every other Instagram growth service is always tagged as blackhat because Instagram themselves do not want services like this to exist because they want their Instagram users who want to grow their accounts to run Instagram ads because that’s how Instagram makes money as a company but the pure truth is that stellation media has been working for me all safely for 6 months now, so YES, its a 100% safe.


What Do I Need To Get Started With Stellation Media?

When you make your payment, you will need to let stellation media know who your competitors are and what I mean by competitors are people who already have thousands of the kinds of followers that you would like to have. For example, if you want to start an Instagram profile around cooking then your competitors will be people who already have tonnes of followers who will also like what you do.


Does Stellation Media Have A FREE Trial?

Normally, stellation media offers no FREE trial at all but if you go through a special link, you will be able to request a 100% FREE demo… And you can >>CLICK HERE<< right now to go and do that… It’s a special link that’ll lead you to their website.


How Does’s Stellation Media’s Story Viewer Work?

The story viewer feature works in such a way that you tell stellation media what kind of followers you want and after you’ve done that what stellation media will do is that it will view hundreds of thousands of Instagram stories for you and these stories always result in a minimum of about 20k weekly visitors to Instagram profiles and a minimum of 1500 followers from just their story viewer feature.


What Features Does Stellation Media Have?

Below is a list of what the top features of stellation media are:

  1. Mass story viewing
  2. Mass story voting
  3. Mass Instagram direct messages (DM)
  4. Advanced analytics to help you track effectively
  5. A Mass Instagram story engagements
  6. A feature that auto approves follow requests for private accounts
  7. An Instagram profile management feature
  8. A mass unwanted DM cleaner
  9. An auto repost feature
  10. An auto Instagram post scheduler & finally
  11. An Image editor…


Are The Followers That I Will Get Real?

Yes, all the followers that you’ll get fro using stellation media are 100% real people that will engage with your Instagram posts and I can say this boldly anywhere because this is something that I’ve used myself and the followers they delivered came slowly, steadily and more importantly very active…

Also, I’d recommend you watch the video below to get a full understanding of what to expect and the factors that determine how much growth you’ll get and how fast you’ll get it:

What Are The Pricing Plans?

Stellation media’s pricing plans work on a monthly subscriber-based model and you can see a glance of what these plans cost in the image I attached below: Also, if you would want a discount then you can click through >>THIS LINK<< & pay through there because it will lock in a discount for you…

stellation media's pricing plans


Will Stellation Media Get Me Thousands Of Followers Fast?

Stellation media will surely get followers for your Instagram profile but not thousands of followers overnight and TRUST ME, from experience I am very sure that anyone or company that promises you thousands and thousands of followers will send you 100% FAKE Instagram followers, so you want to make sure you’re staying away from those kinds of Instagram growth services.

In Conclusion…

Stellation media from all the factors that we’ve looked at inside this post actually works but don’t get me wrong here, most people outperform what my account did, I’ve seen some of my friends grow from like 200+ followers to 10k+ in the same span of 6 months that mine took to get from 100+ to 4k+.

If you read till this point of my review and have decided that you’re going to give stellation media a try, I’ll recommend you >>CLICK THROUGH THIS LINK<< it’s a discounted link that will also let you get a 100% FREE demo for yourself. 🙂

And on the other hand, if you decide that you’re not going to use stellation media, just let me know why in the comments section below so that I’ll try to look at it from your point of video… And with all the points made here, I hope you enjoyed the read… See You Soon!

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