ST Sam FRP Tool V2.0 Latest Version Free Download

ST Sam FRP Tool v2.0

ST Sam FRP Tool 2.0 Added Samsung FRP Bypass One Click

ST SamFRP Tool is a tiny tool that is designed for Windows computers. It lets users bypass FRP locks on Samsung smartphones with a single click. The tool works on Windows 7, 10 11, and 64 bit and is fully supported. It is compatible with all Samsung smartphones that run android versions 9-12.

In this update, developers have included a Samsung FRP bypass with just one click. There are also new features added. This tool is totally free, you don’t have to purchase or require an activation required to use this tool.


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Features ST Sam FRP Tool:

  • Open Usage
  • Check Device
  • Enable ADB
  • Erase FRP Usage Shell
  • Erase FRP Use Files
  • Open SAM OLD


Open Samsung Tool is a brand new button within the tool after you have clicked it. It opens a new menu to allow Samsung FRP bypass. Samsung FRP bypass option.

– Device Support (Samsung 1, Samsung 2, Samsung 3)

Samsung 1:-

Every single one of Samsung Brands’ old versions (ADB Debugging, Download Mode, and Debugging)

  • Remove FRP
  • Remove Cloud
  • Reboot Download Mode
  • Exynos and Qualcomm Erase FRP

Samsung 2:- Device Support

(SM-A015F, SM-J415F, SM-A025F, SM-J610F, SM-A115A, SM-M025F, SM-A115F, SM-M115F, SM-A115U)

  • Port Scan
  • Load MBN
  • Erase FRP

To avoid mistakes during execution

Be aware of the steps below..!!

  • Check that the battery’s charge is at or near 50%.
  • Install Qualcomm driver HS-USB9008 to run 64Bit
  • Verify that your gadget is set to EDL mode. Testpont

We’ve tested this tool and it functions exceptionally well.

All risks that arise from operations errors are not under our control.


ST Sam FRP Tool V2.0 Latest Version Free Download

Samsung 3:- Supported Devices

  • Samsung SM-A115F
  • Samsung SM-A015AZ
  • Samsung SM-A115M
  • Samsung SM-A015F
  • Samsung SM-A115U1
  • Samsung SM-A015G
  • Samsung SM-M115F
  • Samsung SM-A015M
  • Samsung SM-A705F
  • Samsung SM-A015T
  • Samsung SM-A015A
  • Samsung SM-A015T1
  • Samsung SM-A025M
  • Samsung SM-A015U1
  • Samsung SM-A015T1
  • Samsung SM-A015V
  • Samsung SM-A025F
  • Samsung SM-A025G
  • Scan port
  • Remove FRP

How To UseST Sam FRP Tool?

  • The device needs to have been placed operating in Test Mode.
  • Make an emergency call Then dial *#0*#

These steps should be followed:

  • The USB cable to your device.
  • Click Scan Port, and make sure that the driver is recognized.
  • Click Check Device (Not Important)
  • Click Enable ADB (Important)

The next step is:

  • FRP can be erased in two methods
  • Erase FRP – Use Shell (Kill Server By Google)
  • Erase FRP – Use Files (Erase Frp By ADB)


Compatible: The tool is compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 Windows 8.1 along with Windows 10 (32-bit and 64-bit).

Create a backup: If you are interested in trying the above tool, make a backup of the personal data on Your Android Smartphone or Tablet. Flashing any firmware or recovery could damage the device.

Credits St Sam FRP Tool was developed as a service by the creator. Therefore, all credit goes to the creator for sharing the tool at no cost.

Download Link:: MediaFire  / Mega NZ


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