Ra1nbox The portable checkra1n Jailbreak solution


Ra1nbox  jailbreak your device at the touch of a button? You can now!

Have you ever thought of jailbreaking in the field without a PC on the road camping in the in the middle of nowhere?

or when you take on the Ra1nbox ?

By using checkra1n, you’re bound to a computer in order to be capable of jailbreaking. However, with this method,

You can carry a small laptop computer to jailbreak wherever. Even when you’re in remote locations,

You’ll only require the power bank or another power source that is USB-type.

Ra1nbox Jailbreak


Utilizing the NanoPi Neo single-board computer chip as well as a display. an aluminum case that has 3 brass buttons.

using this software, in conjunction with the checkra1n application using this program, you can jailbreak almost anywhere.

The software behind the Ra1nbox is responsible for the display and handles the checkra1n component of the program.

This is an all-in-one, on-the-go solution.


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BUY NOW – Installation service

If you’re new to dealing with Linux,

NanoPi or technical issues generally or perhaps want an easy-to-use solution that plugs and plays,

This is the ideal solution for you.



What you’ll pay for:

I will purchase everything needed for the Ra1nbox system to function.

The case made of metal will be constructed by me

The Linux Raspbian OS will be installed and set up

All the connection to display components will be made

All required programs will be downloaded and installed and

– Sending a fully-loaded Jailbreak device right to your doorstep

No PC is required!



Not Included:

Micro-USB cable

– Lightning cable

– iPhone 🙂




What do the menu choices accomplish?

Verbose mode

Start the iPhone into the boot mode that is verbose using checkra1n.

Secure mode

Jailbroken, however, it blocks modifications from loading

Auto shut-off

After jailbreaking, the system will automatically shut down the Ra1nbox. If not, go to your home. You can turn off this feature If you intend to jailbreak several devices

System information

Shows Ra1nbox version, checkra1n version, CPU load, CPU temperature, IP address

Be sure to check for any updates

Visit the Updates section


The Ra1nbox remains ajar throughout the jailbreak process!

steps to jailbreak with Ra1nbox

We can’t really do anything about it because checkra1n remains in beta. To safely stop the process,

the option of ‘force quit’ was added in the Ra1nbox version 1.1:

During the checkra1n procedure take out the lightning cable, and press F3 3 times to stop the checkra1n process.

Return on the menu. Make sure you restart the Ra1nbox prior to trying an attempt to jailbreak again!


My screen remains black after I have updated my Ra1nbox?

Verify that you’ve added your Ra1nbox user in the root group. Then, restart the ra1nbox

usermod -a ra1nbox-G root

The system information indicates “Checkra1n rights error! Please read FAQ on-site”

The checkra1n file isn’t readable. It could be due to the fact that you manually updated the file , and did not grant the correct permissions. You may have not completed a step in the initial configuration.

You can fix the error by changing the rights to /home/ra1nbox/ra1nbox/checkra1n.

Or, making use of SFTP or SSH that is the command below:

chmod 777 /home/ra1nbox/ra1nbox/checkra1n

The display or the buttons do not perform as they should when trying to start for the first time.

It is likely that you didn’t know about any of these commands. The first step is run the command history:


With this command, you’ll be able to determine which commands you’ve ran before.

Therefore, ensure that you’ve followed each step. If you’re sure,

also, check the output of the /usr/local/bin/oled-start file is the same as in the instructions above,

Step 11.

cat /usr/local/bin/oled-start

The output that you receive here is not exactly the identical to the output you got that in the step #11. Run step #11 again,

either editing the file or removing (rm /usr/local/bin/oled-start) the file first.

If the display does not function, you can run command #12 once more to confirm that you’ve got the proper rights.

If, after all those steps, your display does not work. It’s recommended to start starting from step 1.

Be sure to follow the instructions exactly as demonstrated in the video instructional.

Also, ensure that you have the right program to Neo1 or Neo2 because there is an inconsistency between the two.


When jailbreaking is completed and the jailbreak is completed, the display/jailbreak remains in loop

(and also, if desired, reboots the iPhone (and also reboots iPhone)

Try a different types of cable


I’m stuck in step 3 I’m stuck at step #3, my device does not get an IP address and both lights are on under the ethernet port

Both light up constantly

You tried flashing your NanoPi Neo2 image onto a NanoPi Neo1.

Check if you are using a NanoPi Neo2 (read FAQ on how to verify this).

Flash the appropriate image that you took from step 1.

Ra1nbox steps to jailbreak

My Ra1nbox was working perfectly before however, the screen remains blank (or it only displays only the ra1nbox logo)

regardless of what time I have to wait (but that red light at the backlights up)

This indicates that you didn’t select the “Safe shutdown” menu, and you probably removed the USB power cord out of

the rear of the Ra1nbox at a specific location.

It’s equivalent to removing the power cord from an active PC and not effectively shutting it off.

This means that it means that the SD card has now become corrupt. Even if you believe that you didn’t commit this error,

Then, most likely, then the USB power supply stopped supplying power at some point or something else changed to the power that eventually ruined the SD card. Perhaps… the SD card has stopped sucking.


There are two ways to resolve this problem:

Option 1a. Connect the Ra1nbox with an Ethernet cable. Find the IP address and connect to it using SSH

(so basically step #3 of the instructions above). This command will recover all the files

NanoPi Neo1:

wget https://updates.ra1nbox.com/download32 -O /home/ra1nbox/ra1nbox/update.zip

NanoPi Neo2:

wget https://updates.ra1nbox.com/download -O /home/ra1nbox/ra1nbox/update.zip

Then, restart the Ra1nbox to check if the issue is resolved. problem:

sudo reboot

Option 1b. If ‘1a’ did not fix the issue, you’ll must replace the SD card completely.

Restarting from step 1.


Option 2. Another option is to get in touch with me to request the replacement SD card at a minimal cost.

I’ll mail the recipient an SD card via email.


How can I tell which one I have? NanoPi Neo 1 or Neo 2?


The working Ra1nbox that is running version 2.2 or greater:

Select the menu option “Options” and then select ‘System information.’ Examine the value that is behind “ARCH”:


nanopi neo1 = armv7l 32bit AllWinner H3 SOC

aarch64 = NanoPi Neo2, 64bit AllWinner H5 SOC


There is no working Ra1nbox, or version 2.1 or less:

Open up the NanoPi. The side of the other board (so not on the top of the first one),

it is only one of the LEDs) it should say “H5” for NanoPi Neo2 or “H3” for NanoPi Neo1.


If you’re not keen to open the box, then you can run the following command:

sudo uname -m

Armv7l is NanoPi Neo1 32bit AllWinner H3 SOC

aarch64 = NanoPi Neo2, 64bit AllWinner H5 SOC

Ra1nbox uses

For Ra1nbox Version 2.2 or greater What is the best way to activate “Skip A11 BPR check” to jailbreak my A11 device on iOS14?

You can’t. The option is currently only available only in the GUI version of the checkra1n application using one of MacOS as well as Linux.

For Ra1nbox we require this option within CLI version of Linux CLI version.


Does this software come with open source?

No. The software is available for use by individuals only. Meaning,

You can’t make a sale of my software or any other product that includes my software.

For more information, please contact me directly or refer to the license disclaimer located at the lower left of this page.


My Ra1nbox shows “-Ra1nbox BLOCKED- sold by the unauthorized seller, contact ra1nbox.com”

It is important to note that the Ra1nbox software license is only for the use of the software for personal purposes. Contact me for help to unblock your Ra1nbox.


Connect the Ra1nbox with an ethernet cable

Select Options and choose Check for updates.

If an update is available it will be displayed on the screen with an uninvolved changelog.

Select Yes to automatically update at the next reboot, or choose No to uninstall



Connect the R1nbox to an Ethernet cable

Select Options and choose to Check for updates.

Choose Yes to have the auto-update automatically occur at the next reboot, or choose No to uninstall


Checkn1x 1.1.3 Patch 0.12.0 – iOS 14* (A10/A10X/A11) on Windows



It’s the idea that, if checkra1n gets an update I’ll make an updated version for all users of Ra1nbox.

This makes updating the Ra1nbox simple:


2.3.1 (Neo2 or 64bit only) Fixes malfunctioning recovery mode (10 Mai 2021)


2.3 – Support for iOS 14.5 (1 May 2021)


Updated checkra1n version to 0.12.3 which includes iOS 14.5 compatibility.


2.2.2 (Neo2 64bit only) 2.2.2 – Correction of bugs (10 December 2020)


Bug fix within the Ra1nbox 2.2 software for NanoPi Neo2 / 64bit only.

The recovery mode was unable to stop working and the DFU counter is constantly reset. The issue was fixed.


2.2 2.2.2 iOS 14.1 and 14.2 support plus improvements to stability (9 December 2020)


If you are using the “force quit mode” which was introduced in the Ra1nbox 1.1 using the 3x key,

the Ra1nbox will now automatically reboot. When the machine reboots, it’s possible that the display may not respond.

Wait for a few minutes after the Ra1nbox been rebooted to avoid SD card from being damaged!

– The menu “Options > System information will now display the configuration of the device that you’re using.

This is a great tool in case you’re trying to determine the NanoPi’s version Neo1 or Neo2.

– The menu “Options > System Info’ load has been removed since it was replaced by the previously mentioned option.

Who really needs it?

A known issue has been corrected where Ra1nbox was unable to start checkra1n after there were no settings set within the “Options” menu.


Following devices were now added on the iOS 14 support list:

iPhone 7 and 7 Plus

iPad Generations 6th, 7th, and 8th

iPad Pro 2nd generation

iPod touch 7


Devices that will be able to support iOS 14 in the near future:

iPhone 8, 8 Plus and X


2.1 – Partial iOS 14 support + iOS 13.7 support (22 September 2020)


The following devices will be compatible with iOS 14 jailbreak using Ra1nbox 2.1:

Six Plus iPhone, iPhone 6s, and SE

on iPad 5th generation

and iPad Air 2

iPad mini 4

also iPad Pro 1st generation

Apple TV 4 and 4K


Devices that will be able to support iOS 14 in a couple of weeks:

iPhone 7 and 7 Plus

iPad Generations 6th, 7th and 8th

iPad Pro 2nd generation

iPod touch 7


Devices that will be able to support iOS 14 in the near future:

iPhone 8, 8 Plus and X


For more information on this, refer to the document on the checkra1n site.



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