Proinvest Nulled 3.5.2 Cryptocurrency and Online Investment Platform

ProInvest Nulled 3.5.2 : Cryptocurrency Investment Platform

ProInvest CryptoCurrency and Online Investment Platform Nulled download

ProInvest Nulled offers a free, simple-to-use, well-structured, and well-designed investment platform. It is so simple to use, anyone can learn how to manage it. You can manage your investments as an investor with ease.

ProInvest CryptoCurrency and Online Investment Platform PHP Scripts Download

ProInvest will allow you to quickly set up your own platform.


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ProInvest Php Scripts Features

Modern and clean user interface

Easy to create and add investment plans

KYC Feature

Role management (admin, managers).

Multiple payment options (Stripe and Coinpayments, Paypal, Bank Transfer, and Bank Transfer)

Based on your settings, collect withdrawal fees

Referral system with a multilevel management system.

Based on the plan’s duration, automated earnings

Payouts can be manually reviewed and approved.

Both admin and user can access the deposit, withdrawals, and earnings transaction list.

Users can re-invest or withdraw their deposits after expiry.

Notifications via SMS and Automated Email (Twilio),

You can configure and manage your payment API’s via the settings page.

Cross-browser compatibility and modern browser support

Regular updates

Quick and premium support

Download ProInvest Php scripts


ProInvest Null CryptoCurrency Free Download – A web app to manage your high yield investment platform. It makes it easy to manage your platform and optimize earnings for maximum growth. It has many features that will help you to grow your platform, including the ability to register users, take deposits, remit earnings, tax computation, privacy settings, and more.


Version Log

   Version 3.3 [20/04/2021]
    1. [BUG FIX] Deposit and referral distribution issue
   Version 3.2 [16/04/2021]
    1. [NEW] New Template
    2. [NEW] Allow user to disable frontend templates
    3. [NEW] Set default language
    4. [NEW] Referrals List
    5. [BUG FIX] Add deposit manager role
   Version 3.1 [10/02/2021]
    1. [NEW] Recaptcha addition on contact us forms
    2. [NEW] Timezone support 
    3. [BUG FIX] Coinbase Commerce Payment Method
    4. [BUG FIX] KYC Pagination Issue
    5. [BUG FIX] Withdrawal method issue: Perfect Money, Payeer, Paystack
    6. [BUG FIX] Language translation in other sections
    7. [BUG FIX] KYC ProInvest name removal
    8. [BUG FIX] PNG|PDF|JPG upload issue for bank transactions
    9. [BUG FIX] Delete payment methods error 
   Version 3.0 [04/01/2021]
    1. [NEW] Coinbase Commerce Payment Method
    2. [NEW] Perfect Money Payment Method.
    3. [NEW] Withdrawal Fees Feature.
    4. [NEW] KYC Feature
    5. [NEW] Languages (Português, Español & German)
    6. [BUG FIX] Coinpayments Payment Method
    7. [BUG FIX] Web builder
   Version 2.4 [01/09/2020]
    1. [BUG FIX] Reset password.
    2. [NEW] User wallet (Allows user to invest from account balance).
    3. [BUG FIX] Withdrawal issue.
   Version 2.3 [11/08/2020]
    1. [BUG FIX] Web builder endless loading.
    2. [BUG FIX] Profile picture change.
    3. [BUG FIX] Coinpayments incorrect QR code issue.
   Version 2.2 [07/08/2020]
    1. [NEW] SMTP Email Setup documentation.
    2. [NEW] Email Template change documentation.
    3. [BUG FIX] Investment plans business days issue.
    4. [BUG FIX] Referrals error.
   Version 2.1 [06/08/2020]
    1. [BUG FIX] Installation issue.
   Version 2.0 [01/08/2020]
    1. [NEW] Language Translate Feature.
    2. [NEW] Payeer payment gateway.
    3. [NEW] Paystack payment gateway.
    4. [NEW] Google Auth.
    4. [NEW] Authy.
    5. [NEW] Tawk chat plugin integration.
    6.[NEW] Frontend HTML Editor
   Version 1.3 [08/02/2020]
    1. [NEW] Paypal Integration.
    2. [NEW] Twilio SMS integration.
    3. [NEW] Email Protocol setup option.
    4. [BUG FIX] Offline bank transfer option.
    5. [NEW] Coinpayments IPN (auto deposit) issue.
    Version 1.2 [20/01/2020]
    1. [NEW] Dynamic currency change and dollar exchange rate.
    2. [NEW] Automatic emails on earnings (Cron jobs).
    3. [NEW] Email templates & payment API/methods select loader.
    4. [NEW] Offline Bank Transfer Option
    5. [NEW] Dynamic favicon change
    6. [BUG FIX] New deposit error for plans with similar payout and maturity periods.
    7. [BUG FIX] Client counter update.
    Version 1.1 [13/01/2020]
    1. [NEW] Error pages.
    2. [Bug Fix] XSS filtering.

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