MagicClock Repair Tool for iwatch series 1 to 3

MagicClock Repair

MagicClock Repair Tool for iwatch series 1 to 3 The Watch sysCFG Utility


MagicClock Repair Tool Let it be clear from the start: I will keep MagicClock private, the app is not ready for a public release and I don’t plan to release it in the near future.

Also, MagicCFG will not get any updates in this regard for the time being.

So please don’t keep asking me in the DMs about ETA or updates of MagicCFG.

MagicClock Repair



I developed MagicClock because I was fascinated by how similarly Apple Watches work compared to iPhones/iPads/iPods and because there are currently almost no repair tools for devices of this variety.


MagicClock Repair


Apple Watches have almost the same system design as other (new 64bit) iOS devices, although Series 0 – 3 watches are generally based on 32bit ARM chips.

Apple Watch S0, S1, S2, and S3 are based on CPUs that are checkm8 exploitable.

I took advantage of this to load the required data onto the Apple Watch and automated the whole process in MagicClock.

So the whole thing works just like on iPhones and iPads.

In order to run checkm8, we need some accessories.

The Apple Watch can only communicate with the MacBook via the so-called Diagnostic Port.


This is hidden under a small cover at the bottom of the Apple Watch.

To communicate with it, you need an Apple Watch Restore Tool or AWRT for short. This is Apple Internal Stuff.


MagicClock Repair

You can buy it used on TaoBao (for people outside China: Find a personal shipping agent

or use SuperBuy…).

Many are surely thinking why I don’t say a word about the iBUS adapters, with which you can also connect Apple Watches to a computer, right?

Yes, the adapters are ok for restoring the firmware. But not for much more.

Unstable connection, cheapest plastic, and manufacturing, in short: a really bad product and not worth the money.

(I also have the feeling that the rather coarse pins of the iBUS have damaged the Diagnostic Port of my Apple Watches because the connection with the AWRT adapters is also more unstable since then)

Here are a few photos of the absolutely not recommended adapters…


But enough complaining, let’s focus on MagicClock…

MagicClock has a much smaller user interface because I didn’t feel like integrating everything MagicCFG is already great at into a new app.

How to Enter Purple screen for bypass, Wifi, Edit BT, Change NAND, Region, model, Colour with MagicCFG


MagicClock App installed on macOS Big Sur, the subscription stuff is just for fun, no release planned

There are some quite interesting points that I would like to elaborate on.

Hermès Watch Faces

First, I was wondering if it’s possible to add the exclusive watch faces to a “non-Hermès” Apple Watch by editing the sysCFG to recognize the watch as an Hermès watch. Since I haven’t been able to find a sysCFG backup of a Hermès Apple Watch yet, it will probably be a while before I can try it out


Here are a few photos of the absolutely not recommended adapters…


Look at this ugly, cheap plastic at the top. The adapter was new and not used yet (since I don’t have an S2 haha).

But the main problem is somewhere else: With the MFC iBUS adapters, the watch cannot be set to DFU mode. For checkm8 (and MagicClock) this is mandatory because otherwise the BootRom exploit cannot be executed.

With the iBUS adapters, the watch always reboots when you try to put it into DFU mode.

Long story short, please buy other adapters. Either the ones from TaoBao or the adapters from Shen Zao, which he will announce soon…




the developers are :

Jan Fabel’s: https://twitter.com/j4nf4b3l​


Shen Zao’s: https://twitter.com/zao_shen


Requires macOS 10.13 or newer

Completely written in Swift

Currently supports S1, S2, and S3.

S0 also works, but needs an even more expensive and special adapter (can be found occasionally on TaoBao…)


MagicClock Repair Tool – iCloud Bypass for Apple Watch (Series 0 – Series 3) Video DemoMore info: Source

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