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MagicCFG Diagnostics beta is out for apple watch


This is the first release of MagicCFG Diagnostics. MagicCFG Diagnostics beta is out for the apple watch.
It lets u testing and analyzing your iDevice’s components in Purple mode. this is a regular iBUS S3, yes, it’s working with DFU on S3. But all other watches do NOT work, so stay away of iBUS.

Current features:
– Memory testing
– NAND testing
– Button testing
– Display testing
– PMU reading
– i2c reading/testing

Download MagicCFG Diagnostics

MagicClock Repair Tool for iwatch series 1 to 3 The Watch sysCFG Utility

As MagicCFG Diagnostics beta is out for apple watch

is it available for magic cfg recovery for windows? the answer is No for now

MagicClock Repair Tool – iCloud Bypass for Apple Watch (Series 1 up to Series 3) Demo

Introducing MagicClock! An Apple Watch repair tool made by the creator of MagicCFG! In the first-ever video showcasing this repair tool, I show the FIRST EVER Setup Unlock Method for the Apple Watch (CAN’T be in lost mode, or it won’t work). Not released Yet waiting for this release? Follow us on telegram for notification  – This tool is not released yet, it still in a demo, but the video shows how MagicClock works. an impressive piece of software, congratulations on potentially saving many Apple watches from becoming another part of apple e-waste. The MagicClock Repair


To put your device in diagnostic mode, you will need Purple Tool. Connect your serial number to the dcsd cable. Next, download purple to /Applications. Then click on Enter diags Mode. Now you can use the MagicCFG – SysCFG tool. Click the read or backup buttons to access the nand data.

MagicCFG Download


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