Latest iOS 15 Lock Screens Bypass the passcode glitch

This is the latest iOS 15 Lock Screens Bypass the passcode glitch

iOS 15 Lock Screens Bypass There have been reports that the iOS platform for mobile devices has been the focus of various security vulnerabilities for bypassing the lock screen across different versions. Like other passcode bypasses, this one requires Siri activation in the lock screen. But, it’s not a complete entry point to the Springboard. The springboard is only accessible to only a handful of sensitive details.

It is crucial for security and information experts and Apple engineers to pay close attention to the present insecure lock screen bypassing scene at any given moment and evaluate the risks and encourage the enforcement of physical security and strict control of access on iOS devices.

Although Apple strives to fix these vulnerabilities through various iOS updates (https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT201222)

New bug

New iOS 15 Lock Screens Bypass

Rodriguez claimed that it was a reference to bypasses of the lock screen.

They are identified by the numbers CVE-2021-1835 and CVE-2021-30699. The latter is the one that Apple patched in April and May respectively.

Two vulnerabilities enabled hackers to gain access to messaging apps like Twitter, WhatsApp, or Telegram even when the phone was secure (video below).

“Apple mitigated this, [but] didn’t fix at all, and they never asked me if the issue was fixed,” Rodriguez said to The Record today.

Untethered 14.5.1 Jailbreak on iPhone 12 Pro demoed.


Because of the manner in which Apple dealt with the bugs, the researcher today released an updated version that is similar to the bypass, however, this version utilizes alternatives to Apple Siri and VoiceOver services to access Notes. You can access Notes from the lock screen. Notes application via the locked screen.

A Latest iOS 15 Lock Screens Bypass the passcode glitch

Researcher uncovers iPhone unlock screen bypasses iOS 15 launch day

iOS 15.x 2 security flaws (officially discovered, as of! ! ).

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