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IntechAds Review | How to increase your revenue with Intech Ads

  • What is Intech Ads? Everything you should know

You didn’t start writing to make money, but you’ve built up quite a following. Why not turn your hobby into a business with Intech Ads?

While Google AdSense isn’t the only advertising program that allows you to monetize your site and might have rejected your applications. it is the most well-known though.

However, Intech is an alternative to Google Adsense in Nigeria. it’s new and Fully Functional.

Intech Ads

What is Intech Ads?

Intech Adverts is an online marketplace where marketers may sell their ads to publications in exchange for traffic.

Advertisers just need to create an Intech Advertisements advertiser account and submit their ads, as well as set their target demographic and budget.

Publishers must use their Intech Ads publisher account to produce ad codes of the required size. The extremely advanced Intech Ads platform handles ad selling and traffic exchange automatically.

Intech Ads offers a variety of ad types

Text ads

Intech Ads’ simplest online ad format is the text ad. It consists of four parts: title description, display URL, click url, and description.

Your ad title will be the most visible part of your ad. Make sure to include the most relevant keywords.

The description can be used to provide details about your products or services. Display URLs are used to provide more information about your product or services.

Banner advertising in all sizes

A picture is worth a thousand words, as people always say. Advertisers might consider banner ads. Banners must be attractive enough to grab the attention of visitors.

Intech Ads can support all industry-standard banner dimensions. The banner ad consists of two parts: the click url and the graphic image. Image can help you grab people’s attention and increase your retention rate.


Text + Image Ads
Text + Image ads combine text and images into one ad. This is also known as Facebook style ads.

This format uses smaller images than banner ads. This format will provide greater content richness than normal text ads, while still allowing for equal emphasis on the text and image parts of the ad.

Text + Image combines all the parts of banner ad text and image. It has five parts: title description, description, display URL, click URL, and image

Ecommerce Ads

These ads are unique ad formats for advertisers who have e-commerce sites or classifieds/directory sites. These ads can also be displayed in highly customizable display layouts that allow for text+image, image only or text-only ads.

Pop-under ads:

These ads appear in a different window than your original website. These ads are often found on viral websites and used by people who drive traffic to their site for a fee.

Intech Ads

How to start with Intech Ads: The Beginners Guide.

Even for beginners, the Intech Ads interface can be used easily. It is simple, but it can be powerful enough to generate the income you desire from your blog. Let’s take a look at Intech Ads.

Go ahead and register for an account via ( (Tip: Sign up as a publisher)
After you register, your account will automatically be approved and activated.

You need to be familiar with the different types of ads available so you can choose the best ad type for your business and make the most money. Below are the key points and details for each type of ad.


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Download Google Play App Store CMS 2.0 (Nulled) Latest Version



Is Intech ads Legit or Scam?

Within the short period of this new Ad Network, we can conclude if the new Ad Network is Legit or Scam, we are still doing some research about it, were going to update this post as soon as we make some research about it.


How to Apply for Intech Ads

The first step is to head straight to the Intech home

That is the home screen of the platform,

Click on Login, it is located  at the top right of the home screen, the register button is on the footer of the pop-up,

on clicking the register, you’ll be redirected to a form field, where you’ll fill the necessary forms needed.


After Registrations

From the control panel on the left, click the Ad codes tab. Click Create button.

Here you need to fill out the fields and choose the ad format.

  • Give your ad code name (specifically to identify your ad code).
  • Choose your preferred ad type.
  • The ad code type (by default, we will shuffle between CPC/CPM).
  • Select Adblock (choose your preferred ad size).
  • Sticky Ad code (select if you want ad stick to your website)
  • Click the Create Ad code button.

Intech Ads

Now an Ad code will be generated.

see Imager below, And copy Link



That is all for the ad code. all you have to do now is to insert the code into the webpage you want the ads to display. ads are displayed automatically once codes are correctly placed.

How to add the ad codes to your website

Let’s look at how and where you may use your ad code to monetize your WordPress website after you’ve successfully produced it.

Please study this section carefully since many of the acts will be repeated later when we observe other forms. We’ll take it one step at a time to make each activity more apparent.

In general, there are two scenarios:

1. When you have access to your WordPress theme’s editing functionality. And

2. When you don’t. We’ll talk about both of them.

Editing From the WordPress theme functionality

  • Log in to your WordPress admin panel. Usually, it looks like this: https://[]/wp-admin.
  • Find the Appearance section (generally, it’s on the left) and click on it.
  • Choose Editor or Theme Editor.
  •  Find the theme’s header.php file.
  • Copy your Ad code, the code generated earlier.
  • For Sticky ad: paste the code before the closing “</body>” tag.
  • Click on ‘Update file’ or ‘Save’. That depends on your WordPress version.

Accessing your theme editor.

Intech Ads review

This is how to access your theme editor to add the generated ad code, Ensure you follow the instructions.


Intech Ads
Placing the ad Codes correctly.


Using the WordPress Widgets section to put an ad code

Choose this way when you can’t change your WP theme.

  • Just like in the first case, log in to your WordPress admin panel.
  • Find the Appearance section and choose the Widgets tab.
  • Select Custom HTML from the list.

See how it works on the screenshot below.

Intech Ads


Check the theme element and click Add Widget; the widget will open in the element section. Paste IntechAds adcode in the Content field. Make sure you have copied the whole piece of code. Otherwise, it won’t work.

After you paste the code in the widget, click Save. You’re ready to monetize your WordPress website with IntechAds!

Intech Ads


Using Elementor and other Page Builder

Learn how to Add generated ad codes by adding HTML widgets on Elementor, or any Page builder.


Using Elementor, one of the best page builders?

here’s how to add ad code on pages or any template or Post follow the following simple instructions carefully

  • On the page, you want to add code, ie. the front page, or any general page. click on edit with Elementor,
    on the left side of the Elementor screen search for add HTML and drag the widget to any place of your choice
  • paste the generated ad code to the HTML box. and that’s all.


What you should Know

Avoid Self Clicking

Although publishers are not allowed to click on their own advertising for any reason, we recognize that mistakes can happen, Try not to click on your own ads though the valid/Legitimate clicks would be paid.

As a result, don’t Always run to contact support every time you click on one of your advertisements on your website. Rest assured that any clicks and impressions that we determine to be legitimate are appropriately credited to your account.

Reading/Viewing your Posts

You are free to read your own posts or visit your pages without inadvertently producing false impressions.

Simply browsing your pages will not affect your Intech Ads program status; nevertheless, please continue to avoid clicking on any advertisements and refrain from reloading your sites frequently.


We looked at the steps you’ll need to take to monetize your WordPress website or blog for free with an IntechAds ad. You have the option of using traditional forms such as a banner ad or a super-engaging alternative ad type.

Native banners are a good option for monetizing a WordPress site since they are compatible with long-read content and are not banned by adblockers.




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