Zecode.lk new upgraded iActivation tool to the new version R3 v2.3 for iOS13 to iOS14 untethered bypass icloud.lk. This Windows app fits on all computers enabled by Checkra1n jailbreak. You will override iCloud untethered and with set notice. This means you can use WhatsApp and Telegram with complete compatibility on your bypass system.


A free program for bypass activation is iActivation R3 V2.3.
Battery power usage patch, 
no longer remove baseband, 
upgrade shield, rebuild shield!
Win10 device support, 
iOS 14.2 bypass support,
 iOS13.7 Great Bypass Activation Support, 
Support Restart, 
App Store Download, No Phone Calls Support, 4G Internet, Message Drive, ID Login Support.
Features: Battery power consumption repaired, do not uninstall the baseband, do not need to insert the SIM card, feels it is simple to operate.
Activation of iActivation R3 V2.3


Code through extraction: gsm88
Instructions on the Hello interface:
You should use checkra1n or use 3utools to make a U disk for jailbreaking: HERE
It is best to refresh the device to the latest iOS system and then jailbreak)
 Open the tool and wait for the ‘iDevice is Linked Please Select Choice’ prompt below the active
One-Click bypass and wait till the process get done

Originally posted 2022-02-14 08:01:00.

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