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Does Ezoic work with Blogger? / How to integrate Blogspot Blog with Ezoic

Is Ezoic compatible with Blogger / Blogspot?


Sites using Blogger/Blogspot don’t have an integration option. If you are looking for an easy way to use Blogspot Blog with Ezoic, we recommend that the site be transferred to WordPress or to a CMS and host that is compatible with Ezoic.


You are here because you want to learn how to integrate your Blogspot Blog and Ezoic.

Blogspot Blog with Ezoic

Bloggers who use Blogspot to blog have faced major difficulties integrating a Blogspot Blog into Ezoic, especially those with no idea or experience.

how to use Blogspot Blog and Ezoic

Let’s now get to the point.

1. Log in to your Ezoic dashboard

2. Enter complete setup

3. Scroll down to click on integrate

4. Select a method of integration

* Select Name Server integration, if you have an exclusive domain.

* Choose a domain that contains code if you don’t already have one.

5. Copy the code and paste it on each page of your blog according to the instructions. Copy and paste the code as follows:


Blogspot Blog with Ezoic


6. Log in to your Ezoic Dashboard, and the integration process will be completed.

Name Server Integration

This step is only for Blogspot users who have purchased and connected a custom-domain to.

1. Log in to your domain dashboard.

2. Change the nameserver to the one provided by Ezoic. It should be in the same place. Log in to Ezoic Dashboard to see the response. If the name server is not showing, wait approximately 12 hours. The integration should take place within this timeframe.


For the entire life that the Blogspot Blog with Ezoic system is used, you will be paid 3% of the publisher’s “Ezoic Earnings”. When someone uses Ezoic, you will immediately be credited and can collect your commission the next month.

Log in to the domain site where you purchased your domain and contact customer service if it isn’t done.

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