FatJoe Review – I Spent £1200+ On Blogger Outreach Links & Here’s What I Think…

I am someone that has spent over $1200 on blogger outreach links with Fatjoe and I want you to pay close attention to everything have to say In this detailed Fatjoe review because I will,

walk you guys through everything you would need to know, both the good and the bad so that you would able to make an informed decision on whether or not their service is worth it.

I will start the review by first of all walking you guys through

  1. One of the links that I bought (I’ll show you what the websites the links came from looked like)
  2. PROS: the things that I liked about Fatjoe’s blogger outreach service
  3. CONS: the things I didn’t like
  4. Their pricing plans (if you finally decide to use them, I’ll give you money-saving tips) &
  5. Finally, the results that I got (I’ll show you guys how the links affected my site in general)


If after learning the goods and bad of FatJoes blogger outreach service that I’ll show you in this article you still decide that you’re going to use them, I would strongly recommend you create your account through a discounted link so that you’ll get access to a 25% discount on all services you’ll buy from there in your first month. You can CLICK HERE and create your FatJoe account though there after reading the review (just create your FatJoe account through that link and you’ll lock in the 25% OFF. Its a discounted link).

With all that said, let’s get this review started by taking a good look at one of the links that I paid for and what it looked like.

Let’s Examine The Link I Purchased

I have bought a total of about 10 different links for different articles on my website ut I will be going over just one of them here so that this article doesn’t get too long.

The Link.

This link was for an article titled upleap reviews and I was trying to get that article to page one because it was ranking on the 3rd page of google for the keyword “Upleap Reviews”.

I went to my FatJoe dashboard and placed an order for a link from a DA 30+ website, with a 1000-word article and I gave them the anchor texts that I wanted and also left a few instructions that I wanted them to follow.

It took, I think about 10 days for them to deliver my order, and when it was delivered, I saw an email that looks like the one you see in the image I attached below.

fatjoe order complete

Immediately I got the email, I rushed over and logged into my FatJoe dashboard to look through the links and see if their services were actually as legitimate as they made it look.

I then checked the domain of the website with Ahrefs site explorer to see if the website was actually up to DA 30. I attached an image of the website’s Domain Authority (DA) below.

the blogger outreach websites DA

So, the website passed my domain authority check, so I moved on to check some other things, like whether or not the site had social media accounts and all that because if they didn’t then it means its not a genuine website because every website normally has their social media pages hanging around their website.

I checked around their entire site and couldn’t find any links to their social media accounts and normally I would give a red flag for that but the fact that the website had a contact page made me believe that It was an actual website.

All I had to do was just wait for the results (which I will share with you below) but before I get into the results that I actually got from buying that DA 30 link, lemme walk you guys through the pros and cons that I’ve found since I started using FatJoe.

I’ll start with the PROS.

PROS: The Things I Liked About FatJoe

  1. The first thing I would love to mention as a pro is a fact that their customer support is like nothing I have seen. They do calls, emails, live chat and they always reply to queries fast.
  2. They are one of the cheapest in the market of whitehat SEO and blogger outreach. Their prices are 3 times less than that of their competitors.
  3. They deliver the links fast in about 10 days and that’s super fast because I have literally used some other whitehat SEO outreach companies that took like a month to get back to you. FatJoes get fast results and I like that fact.
  4. I also liked the fact that I had access to tell them the topic I wanted the guest post they’ll make to be about and also the anchor texts that the backlinks carried were chosen by me.
  5. The final thing I like about them is that they have a 100% no questions asked money-back guarantee if you happen to get something you don’t like delivered to you.

Now that I’ve walked you guys through the top 5 things that I liked about them, let me now walk you through the ones that I disliked.

CONS: Things I Disliked About FatJoe

  1. I don’t really like the fact that they have many pricing schemes. The links that you buy from FatJoe vary in content length and website quality, and the higher you go with the requirements, the higher the price per link goes. (I’ll go into details on their pricing & give you money-saving tips)
  2. I didn’t like the fact that I paid FatJoe’s SEO team to write articles for me (2 different articles) and it didn’t turn out good because I had to ask for revisions before they came up with articles that were close to what I wanted. (not like the articles had bad English, the English were good, just that they weren’t giving me the points I wanted)

Now that I’ve walked you guys through the 2 things that I didn’t like while using FatJoe, let’s now look through FatJoe’s pricing plans after which we will then look at the results that I got and how the DA 30 link affected my rankings for the keyword “Upleap Reviews”.

FatJoe’s Pricing Plans

It is important for you to know that FatJoe does not just offer only link building services. The services they offer include:

  • Content writing services (for people who need content written)
  • Infographic creation services (for people need infographics for link building)
  • Blogger outreach services (for guest posts)
  • Local business citations (people who want to list their local businesses on top sites)
  • Infographic outreach (for infographic guest posts)
  • Outreach boost (to send more links to guest posts that link to your site)
  • Media placement services. (if you want links from places like Forbes, business insider and the rest of the big media companies)

I won’t talk about the pricing of all these services. I will just talk about the blogger outreach one because that’s what I’m actually writing about in this review. But if you would want to know about the other services and hat they cost then you should probably CLICK HERE to go over to FatJoe’s website.

Pricing For DA 10+ Links

It normally costs £35 but if you use a discounted link to create your account, you’ll get a 25% OFF and the price will go down to £26.25 per DA 10+ link you pay for.

It is also important for you to know that if you buy up to 25+ links at once you get more discounts and if you go further to buy up to 50+ links at once, you’ll get more discounts.

You guys should also know that these prices mentioned above will give you links in content that is about 500+ words. So, if you want the guest post articles that will be linking to your website to be above 500 words, you’ll have to pay more.

You can make it go up, to 750 words, 1000 words, 1500 words, but it depends on you. You choose what you want your links to be but I would recommend you vary your links.

or instance, let’s say you’re buying 10 different backlinks, I would recommend you make 5 of the 500 words, 2 of the links, 1000 words and maybe the other 3, 750 words. (Just make sure you vary the word count so that google doesn’t start suspecting your site)

Pricing For DA 20+ Links

The DA 20+ Links sell for £50 on a normal, but if you go through a discounted link that gives you a 25% OFF, you’ll get it at £37.50 and it’s important for you to know that the price of the backlinks go up if you want the guest post articles that will be linking to have more word count. (this happens on all their link building packages so make sure you bear this in mind)

Pricing For DA 30+ Links

Links that come from DA 30+ websites cost £70 on a regular, but with a 25% discount that you’ll get when you create your FatJoe account with a discounted link, the price will go all the way down to £52.50. (also, remember that the more wordcount you want on your guest post articles, the higher the price)

Pricing For DA 40+ Links

These ones cost £180 but if you create your FatJoe account with a discounted link, you’ll be getting it for £135.

Pricing For DA 50+ High Traffic Links

These DA 50+ links that come from high traffic blogs are the most powerful. They’ll get you pushing up the ranks because google really loves it when you get links from authority websites. These links cost £360 but will be cut down to £270 if you create your FatJoe account through a discounted link.

Now that I’ve walked you guys through the pricing plans on their 5 different blogger outreach packages, I will now walk you guys through my results and where I finally ranked with the DA 30+ link that I bought for the keyword “Upleap Reviews”.

Here Are The Results!

After I got the link, I waited for a few weeks and was constantly checking google to see if the blog post where I had a backlink from on that DA 30 website had been indexed on google because it has to get indexed for you to start seeing results with your ranking.

I kept on checking until I made sure it had indexed, I then started checking my search engine rank position checker usually called a SERP checker to see how the link affected my article which was on the 3rd page of google for that keyword.

I started noticing the movements. Its started slowly moving from #23 on the 3rd page to #10 from which it came to #6 on page 1 of google and as at the time of me writing this review, I currently rank #2 globally for the keyword “Upleap Reviews” you can go and check google, I still rank up till today.

In Conclusion

FatJoe links work, but I would recommend that when you’re buying, you should try to stay away from the DA 10, and 20, I would recommend you pay for the DA 30+ links and higher ones if you have the money. (less high-quality links are better than a tonne of low-quality links) so always go for the DA 30+ & the ones above it.

Also, I would also recommend you sign up through a discounted link, I put one at the beginning of this article. You can simply scroll back up to the top of this page and use the link while creating your FAT JOE account so that you’ll get 25% OFF everything you buy in your first month.

Thanks for reading guys. I think at this point in this article everyone should have been able to make their decision, but if you haven’t, then I think you should read further below because I got through some other things on there mostly answering the most common question that people have about FatJoe.

Some Other Things You Might Want To Know About FatJoe

What Exactly Is Fat Joe?

FatJoe is a specialist content creation agency, who can cover a range of tasks to help enhance the quality of your site – this includes link building, custom content creation and a suite of SEO tools. Some of these services are free and others incur a reasonable charge.

Because of the variety of approaches they take, FatJoe as an agency is well-positioned to help you leverage the power of content.  As one of the largest outsourced link building and content creation agencies in the world, Fat Joe has been going since 2012, working with a huge variety of businesses in every sector, and this diverse experience gives them a good overview of the web and what strategies work.

Content is the magic draw for your website – it gives us the answers we seek, it makes us smile, teaches us how to do things and informs our decisions. It’s a hugely important part of daily life for almost everyone.

With the right content, you can attract the audience you need, and aim to convert them into customers. And yet, building this content can be a very slow process.

It may be just one small element of what you have to do on an average day. And so using the services of a company who can provide high-quality content, and link building services can be a very cost-effective way to enhance your content strategy. FatJoe offers these things as an outsourced service to get you ahead of the game.

Why Should One Consider Choosing Fat Joe?

There are lots of agencies out there who offer similar services. So why should you choose to work with Fat Joe?

One important part of the offer is that all content is 100% white label. Many link building outfits use pirated content, which often doesn’t fit with the site hosting either.

This makes the content they produce inauthentic and can eventually lead to blacklisting by search engines. From the start Fat Joe was keen to work with me to understand my needs and goals. All the content was originally generated and tailored for the host site, whether that is your own or a site that will be linking back to yours.

There’s a very simple dashboard driven ordering process, which makes working collaboratively on a piece of content easy and intuitive. And with short lead times on orders, you can be up and running quickly with a piece. What it really comes down to is the time and expertise you can access for a relatively low price.

To create and deliver that volume of backlinks or number of content pieces in-house for most businesses would be unworkable. Choosing to partner with FatJoe meant I could develop my site towards my goals in the quickest and most cost-effective way.

There’s also genuine customer support – rather than delivering low-value content awkwardly shoehorned with keywords or placing your link on inappropriate sites, there is a holistic approach here that results in really useful, evergreen content and quality backlinks that will strengthen your business.

What Is The Process Of Working With Fat Joe?

To begin working with FatJoe, it’s a good idea to start with a brief first of all. Keyword research will allow you to understand what topics and phrases you need to create content on – what will be of most interest to your audience.

Using your experience and website stats,  you can map out a list of questions or concerns that each segment of your audience may be experiencing. This is a good place to start your research, using free SEO tools like the ones that FatJoe provides to map them across to searched for words and phrases.

Trying to target keywords is all about attainability – if there is too much expensive competition, it’s going to be harder to be seen. Focus on going a little more niche –  although these keywords may have a smaller overall volume of traffic, when a prospect does type them in and come through to your site, then you are more likely to gain a conversion.

Once you’re armed with this list of key words and phrases, you’re ready to begin commissioning content.Working with the support staff at FatJoe can guide this process, and you can cover both aspects – paying for content which will shape your site to be found and indexed well for the most important keywords in your sector, and supporting that by getting content with your website link and keywords in place on other referring sites.

All business is transacted through your personal dashboard. This allows at-a-glance oversight of any projects you have in progress with them, and if something needs to be adjusted it’s as simple as typing some notes for the article to be reworked.

Over time, the writers working for Fat Joe will come to understand your business and the process you prefer in a way that feels quite organic. This means that the more projects you work on with them, the better they feel and the tone of the articles is likely to be.

Here’s How I’ve Used FatJoe To Generate New Business!

When I decided that the content on my site needed a review, I knew I needed additional capacity in order to be able to produce what I needed. Building content by myself would have been a very slow process, and working with an agency who understood the mechanisms of SEO and how the search algorithms worked seemed like a good option.

I reviewed the market, as there are a lot of agencies out there specializing in link building and search engine optimization work. The consistently positive reviews that FatJoe received stood out to me.

Previous users of their work were praising their approach to delivering tailored articles that were highly specialized to their audiences and read naturally for the site. Instead of just jamming a bunch of keywords into a piece, these were written in a natural style and focused on providing value to the audience of the site.

Users were also really pleased with the easy to navigate dashboard system that supplied all of their articles in one place. It was really important to me to keep content for my site authentic and to make sure that it gave something back to my readers.

For this reason, I decided to try out FatJoe’s writing services, starting off with some backlinked articles – where my site link and chosen keywords would be placed on a specially selected hosting site, boosting my rankings as I had these websites with a high domain authority linking to my site as a source of truth.

That strategy worked well for me, and the following month I could see the clear boost in my own metrics. Then I decided to use the content creation side of the offer as well, having landing pages and articles written for my own site.

Each submission came back personalized and highly relevant, but if there were any issues it was straightforward to use the dashboard to request a revision if something didn’t quite fit. This enabled me to quickly build up some great quality content that eventually reflected itself in the rankings my site received as well. 

Using Link Building Services To Get Your Site Seen!

For a spend of $1200 so far on blogger outreach, I managed to improve my critical metrics and get my site much more visibility – which is far less than I would have had to spend on the equivalent advertising.

In fact, if you rank well for the terms you want to be found for, you can significantly reduce your spend on any other form of marketing, and in some cases even stop it entirely.

The flow of traffic will come to your site as it gains exposure for being an authority on the topics, with lots of other host blogger sites linking into it.

This experience allows me to focus on other aspects of my marketing strategy and site maintenance, knowing that there will be a consistent flow of well suited content coming into my site.

If you want to give this strategy a go, you can try FatJoe’s services out. I’d recommend you go over to the top of this post where I put a link to FatJoe.

Click on the link, create your account and you’ll be able to get 25% OFF the price of whatever services you’re buying from them.

Thanks for reading guys, PEACE!

You Might Also Watch The FatJoe Review Video Below!

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