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Download EVO Tool Version 1.1.4 New Update


EVOTool Version 1.1.4 is a small tool for Windows computers. it is allowed to repair IMEI, repair Mac, path certificate, reset FRP lock, network factory reset, read codes online, modify software, unlock – lock the bootloader, modify CSC, device information, read write certificate, etc. For more details about the tool features, scroll down the download and check all the functions of the Evo tool.


EVO Tool Version



EVOTool Features:

IMEI repair
IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) is a unique number that identifies a device on a mobile network. You can think of it as your phone’s social security number. It has 15 digits and is assigned to each GSM phone — CDMA device…

Repair MAC
Each NIC (Network Interface Card) has a unique MAC (Media Access Control) address. This applies to all types of network cards, including Ethernet cards and WiFi cards. The MAC address is a six-byte number or a 12-digit hexadecimal number…
Patch certificate
To answer this question, here is some simplified general information about the software operation of phones. Every phone has a serial number (IMEI). It is digital data that is connected to the given phone during manufacture…
Reset FRP lock / FRP remove
If a factory reset is performed on an Android device without the permission of the owner, the FRP will appear with the message: “This device has been reset. To continue, sign in with a Google account previously synced on this device.” The…
Network factory reset
Network factory reset resets all network-related settings to the factory state of the device before it was configured by a company or carrier. This can fix devices that won’t connect to supported networks to factory state.
Read codes online
If you’re wondering about your phone’s default network unlock code, or if you’ve repeatedly used the wrong code and the device now requires a so-called “unlock” code, this feature is for you. This may cost credits, but you will be warned…

Software change
Our software change feature allows you to upgrade or downgrade the firmware version of the device. Another use for this feature is when there is a no boot error or device freezing issue with your device. Most cases a simple SW change can solve t…
Unlock/Relock Bootloader
Simply put, a bootloader is software that runs every time your phone starts. It tells the phone which programs to load to operate your phone. The bootloader starts the Android operating system when you…
Change of CSC
CSC stands for “Consumer Software Customization” or “Country Specific Code”. CSC is an essential component of Samsung firmware. It is an important part of firmware binaries which contains lots of important data such as Custom Settings, Syst…
Device information
All important information and device status can be read directly from the phone, e.g. serial number, factory data, hardware data, etc.
Read the certificate
As the name of the service might suggest, with the Read Cert you save the certificate data. What is this Cert file? Basically, it is digital data that is attached to the given phone during manufacture and is also signed by the master.
Write a certificate
You can restore certificate data with Write Cert. Basically, it is digital data that is connected to the given phone during manufacturing and is also signed by the manufacturer, this is called the certificate. This certificate…
Store/Restore Backup
The Store/Restore Backup function is used to back up all individual instrument calibration and security settings. This can be done before you start working on the device or you can do it before each procedure. We are trying to create backups…


mtk adds support for mt6891 and 6877
Xiaomi and redmi support unlock FRP and mi cloud in recovery mode
without opening your phone without tp
but before doing so, you need to select mobile; Its very important; in case it can’t automatically read gpt
this new Xiaomi way to clear FRP and micloud is not case which CPU is inside the phone;
just top system then MIUI 12.5, like 12.5.8 miui 13 system, 12.5.2…
so normal we can say that all new devices can do
and the Evo tool moves everything to the cloud, we will test more devices and add them one by one to the server; without updating the software, you can repair the latest mobile added to the Evo server 🙂
so now Xiaomi only lists a few not complete ones; but soon will upload everything
Download link:- User download
(Password:- evondt)



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