CPAGRIP review – Is it worth using or a total scam..? (Honest Review)

Weโ€™ll go over all about this CPA network and its company in depth so you can see how it works for yourself.

This will also assist you in determining whether or not this program is right for you.

With this fast-growing CPA network, some top publishers are earning hundreds of dollars a day, and you might be one of them.

What Is CpaGrip?

CpaGrip is a CPA (Cost per Action) affiliate network that was established in 2012 and can be found at

This website appears to be somewhat similar to BlueTrackMedia and CPALead, among other sites.

People can enter for free and earn money by sending traffic to their offers.

CPAGrip website

It offers a variety of payment options, including PayPal, Payoneer, and wire transfer.

When you cross the minimum threshold of $50, youโ€™ll be paid every 30 days or NET30.

Although the website domain ( was registered in 2012, it appears to have been launched in 2013.

According to, the owner of this website isnโ€™t open to the public since the domain was registered privately.

As a result, we have no way of knowing who really owns the business.

However, John Wilson, the account manager for members and the only company representative available to them, can be seen.

According to, CpaGrip is currently ranked 20,711th in the world.

How does CpaGrip work?

Simply create a free publisher account on the CpaGrip Platform and get your affiliate links and other offer tools to begin earning.

You will be paid after the consumer completes the task that has been assigned to him.

Isnโ€™t this a simple task?

You must, however, be cautious not to have poor leads.

The advertiser may claim that your lead is invalid or fraudulent, which may result in the earnings being returned to the advertiser.

Publisher Application

This is more likely to occur if you use unethical/blackhat and illegal niches such as porn, gambling, hacking, and so on.

However, if you just use ethical tactics to advertise your deals, you wonโ€™t have any problems.

What Are the Benefits of Using CpaGrip?

CpaGrip is a must-try for affiliate marketers who are serious about their business.

It comes with lots of features and offers that can be used to make money online.

To be honest, we wouldnโ€™t be writing this in-depth CpaGrip review if we didnโ€™t believe this platform could be useful and beneficial.

There are several CPA locking software options available online, and CpaGrip is one of the best.

It offers over 2000 active promotions and offers, as well as fast payments through a variety of payment gateways such as PayPal, check by mail, and so on.

Moreover, it has a fantastic referral service that members can use to increase their profits, which is beneficial in the affiliate marketing industry.

Furthermore, registration is simple and fast, allowing everyone to join for free and begin earning money right away.

As a result, the referrals wonโ€™t have to go through a lengthy sign-up phase that can cause them to abandon the process in the middle.

As a result, you can visit the site and create an account to begin earning.

Remember that there is no limit on how much money you will make using this website.

So give it your all and make the most of all the monetization resources available to you.

If you can find a way to drive traffic to your affiliate links (for example, by building a website or using one you already have), youโ€™ll be able to generate more leads and earn more money.

CPAGrip Earning Stats

Please keep reading because Iโ€™ll go into more detail about this later in the article.

Monetization tools offered by CpaGrip

CpaGrip has created these resources to assist you in increasing your profits.

They are as follows:

  1. Content Lockers

You can use these lockers to secure any downloadable file or link.

When a visitor clicks on the link, they must complete an offer in order to obtain full access to the material for download.

Youโ€™ll be paid a certain amount after theyโ€™ve completed the task. CpaGrip contains a number of content locking models.

Actually, they have some of the highest-converting models on CPA networks, and theyโ€™re easy to customize to suit your needs.

You can also create your own custom template if you like, which will help you greatly improve your conversion rates because the widget will perfectly fit your niche/site.

Furthermore, these content lockers are mobile-friendly, which means that if a user visits the site on their tablet, they can see a mobile-friendly template.

This has the potential to significantly increase your earnings.

You can also change various settings in your content lockerโ€™s mobile tab settings.

You can make the widget appear immediately after the page loads, or you can make it appear only when a user performs a specific action, such as pressing a button.ย 

  1. File/URL Locker

Another popular tool on the CpaGrip network is this one.

If you have a very useful eBook or webpage, you can use the CpaGrip URL/Link locker to lock the eBook download page URL or the webpage URL and monetize it.

When a user clicks on the link to view the locked webpage or download the locked file, they are taken to a page where they must complete a specific offer.

The locked content will then become available, and the user will be able to access or download it as required.

CpaGrip also provides a number of templates for creating high-converting landing pages.

File/URL Locker

You should choose the ones with comments because these can be customized to suit your topics/niches, giving your viewers more trust.

  1. Locker for video

CpaGripโ€™s video locker is an excellent place to secure and monetize videos.

It will assist you in encrypting YouTube videos or any other video on your blog.

This locker is particularly useful since it only locks the selected video rather than the entire web page or location.

This helps the user to connect with other material on your website to learn more about that particular video.

  1. Offer Walls

Offer walls are useful for rewarding visitors to your site with virtual currency or points for completing various offers.

They display the highest-converting deals that are also geo-targeted to your visitors, and they can complete them to earn points.

CpaGripโ€™s offer walls often come with a variety of templates to choose from, so find one that suits your niche.

CpaGrip also provides some more specialized postback tools, such as the RSS Lead Checker, Multi Postback, and Global Postback, in addition to the tools listed above.

Now, Iโ€™d like to expand a little more on the services offered by this site, so letโ€™s get this CpaGrip review going.

Offers from Cpagrip

CpaGrip has one of the most extensive catalogs of high-paying offers.

They keep updating it with high-paying offers that are becoming increasingly appealing as they maintain superior communication with a large number of advertisers.

Indeed, their offers have the best prices in the CPA network industry and are completely secure, so security software has no reason to doubt them.

Furthermore, they make various high-paying offers for countries such as Germany, the Netherlands, and France, among others, in addition to English-speaking countries.

The French offers are the most common among publishers, as they typically pay out more than the rest.

Youโ€™ll be able to use direct linking to advertise a specific offer if you want to.

Simply click the title of any specific offer in the โ€œMy Offersโ€ section, and youโ€™ll be taken straight to that offerโ€™s landing page.

Since CpaGrip offers are geo-specific, if you use the direct link, make sure you only promote the offer to the target country.

Otherwise, promoting any offer to a non-targeted country may be a waste of money and traffic.

CpaGrip Review: How To Make Money By Promoting Your Links

Make Money By Promoting Your Links

As you already know, there are a variety of ways to make money by promoting CPA (Cost per Action) offers.

If you want to make some fast money, you can position your offers on sites with a lot of traffic.

Simultaneously, you can create your own website on a topic of your choice and promote CPA offers on it.

This is a good practice, particularly if your website receives a lot of traffic because visitors will see these offers and might be tempted to click on them.

You should make sure that the CPA offers are fully compatible with the content of your website.

This is because if your offers are seen by meaningless traffic, you would not receive anything.

For example, itโ€™s unlikely that someone who comes to your nutrition site is interested in making money online.

As a result, they would find it difficult to click on the offers you have put on your website.

Furthermore, placing CPA advertisements on your sales pages would prevent you from making sales.

As a result, itโ€™s best to put CPA offers on sites with relevant and helpful content.

This content will serve as a pre-sale for the ads you put.

The ads/offers are simply a recommendation you make to your site visitors if they want to learn more about a specific subject.

The key question now is: how do you get people to visit your website?

You can do this in a variety of ways, but the easiest (and the one I use) is by Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

This involves creating keyword-rich content that ranks well in search engine results pages, resulting in free traffic.

In any case, if you donโ€™t mind paying for traffic, you can use the Pay per Click (PPC) method.

You can pay to get your CPA banners placed on other websites, which is a common practice nowadays.

As you can see, making money with CPA deals requires a lot of creativity.

Itโ€™s important to find an approach that works best for you and stick with it.


You should test it thoroughly before you find one that works well and makes you money.

Thatโ€™s how you can make money online by actually promoting CPA offers (like those provided by CpaGrip).

Let me show you how to get paid by this site now that you know how to earn.

At CPAGrip, how do you get paid?

CpaGrip will pay you through the method you specify once youโ€™ve earned.

Click the โ€œPayment Centerโ€ icon on the left-hand side of your dashboard to set up the payment process.

Then, in the Payment Settings, select your preferred method and correctly fill in the necessary information.

Payoneer Prepaid MasterCard, Payoneer Global Bank Transfer, PayPal, and ACH transfer are the three ways by which CpaGrip pays its members (for USA banks only).

After youโ€™ve selected your preferred payment method, press Save Payment Preference and youโ€™re ready to go.

If youโ€™ve established a payment method, the company will continue to pay you for as long as you work.

However, since the minimum reward is $50, you can rest assured that you will be paid if you meet this requirement.

Youโ€™ll be paid every 30 days, or NET30, as itโ€™s also called.

This CPA network has the advantage of always paying its members on time.

When it comes to payouts, they are very prompt, which is excellent.

Thatโ€™s what there is to it when it comes to payments at CpaGrip.

CpaGrip: Is It a Scam?

Is CpaGrip a Scam? Is CpaGrip a Scam?

Scam or Legit

In simple terms, CpaGrip is a legitimate CPA network, not a scam.

Many people have made hundreds of thousands of dollars using this network, and they still get paid on time or ahead of schedule.

In fact, high-earners can manually request a payout and be paid.

This CPA network is fantastic and provides excellent service to its members.

Furthermore, it has been in operation since 2013, and donโ€™t you think it would have been shut down by relevant authorities by now if it were a scam?

Do you believe it will still be as well-known and respected as it is now? Obviously not!

So, CpaGrip is a legit CPA network from which a lot of people have made (and continue to make) a lot of money.

Final Thoughts on CpaGrip

If youโ€™re looking for a great CPA network, CpaGrip could be just what youโ€™re looking for.

This network has thousands of high-paying offers in a variety of niches, so youโ€™ll be able to find anything that suits and works well with your existing sites.

You could also position the offers there if you start a new site on a topic of your choice and build loads of useful SEO-based content.

CpaGrip is eventually secure for everyone to register since the program it runs is regarded as legitimate.

It has paid on time since 2013 with no major problems, and many people have profited handsomely from it.

Furthermore, the site is extremely user-friendly and has a positive reputation among online CPA marketers.

They also have excellent and fast customer service that is easy to access.

CpaGrip is definitely worth a look, particularly because it offers a free membership, especially if youโ€™re interested in CPA network marketing.

I sincerely hope that my CpaGrip review was useful and informative to you.

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