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Lock a Folder With Password Using Free Folder Protector 2021

Everybody has some files and folders that we recall non-public. They may be something from our commercial enterprise documents to images of pals and own family. Those are files that we do not need other humans the usage of our computer to know approximately. As home windows give no way to defend our non-public records, most of us get in awkward conditions while these documents are discovered by means of undesirable humans.Lock Folder Windows

Simply, you could shop this information in a hidden folder. The only hassle is that all of us can without problems seek the contents of a hidden folder using home windows seek itself.
The most effective possible answer is storing this content material in a password-covered folder in order that most effective the ones people understanding the password of the folder can get entry to it. There are many folder locking packages to be had online but the trouble is that the maximum of the coolest ones is paid. Even in case, you do manage to get a good unfastened one, you may be looked at suspiciously when people see a folder locker within the list of your set up packages.
If you too locate yourself in a comparable scenario, you may try Folder Protector, a password protector for home windows folders that isn’t always most effective unfastened however is likewise transportable which means that it does now not need to be set up. Just click on the exe report and the program will start walking. I’ve created this application based on recommendations and feature requests that I’ve obtained by using email over the past years.
Folder Protector
Folder Protector gives every consumer a protected folder that can handiest be opened via getting into the password in FolderProtector. Not like most safety programs, Folder Protector is small in size (nearly 58KB) and does no longer show the folder that it’s miles protective. This offers an additional advantage that individuals who don’t know the password do now not have a goal to attempt to hack their manner into. Because the software program is transportable, you may cover it or even delete it after defensive your folder and no one can have a clue that it became used. Then on every occasion, you need to get entry to covered documents, you can re-download the program from this web page, input the password and get entry to your protected documents.
Download Folder Protector
Download for home windows 10, eight, windows 7, and Windows Vista
Down load for home windows XP

Vital: 1) This program uses an easy technique to lock files and must not be used to guard truly sensitive records. It is fine to encrypt that kind of fact.
2) Do no longer refresh your windows pc whilst your folder is locked. By doing so one can delete your documents.
How to use Folder Protector?
Whilst you run Folder Protector for the first time, this system will ask you for a password that you need to use. Enter a password that you may consider as this will be the password on your blanketed folder.
Lock Folder With Password
After getting into the password, this system will open a folder named SecuredFILES. This is your included folder. You could add all your personal files to this folder. This folder is positioned on the computer. After adding all of your documents, you could close this folder.
Then, you could use the menu inside the program to fasten your folder. To lock the folder, kind lock as your movement. After efficaciously locking the folder, FolderProtector will display that the folder is locked.
Free Folder Lock

Unlocking the covered folder is simple. Simply type liberate as your action. Then the program will ask you to go into your password. Upon correctly coming into the password, the program will show the contents of your covered folder.
Converting the Password: just type change as your action. The program will ask you for your cutting-edge password. Upon a hit entry of the current password, this system will ask for your new password and alternate it instantly.
Acknowledgment: This software has been made feasible best via the guidelines of readers of this weblog, mainly Parnell Albert Galido for his concept of the use of a menu-based interface.
Windows Compatibility: This application has been correctly examined on home windows 10, windows eight.1, home windows 8, home windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP.
Help and development

I will preserve to broaden this software program similarly. So, your suggestions are invited. If you face any issues at the same time as using this software program, you may use our help page.


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