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Download WebBrowserPassView v2.07 for Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Opera 2021

                                             WebBrowserPassView v2.07



WebBrowserPassView is a password healing device that exhibits the passwords

Stored via the following web browsers: Internet Explorer (model 4.Zero –

Eleven.0), Mozilla Firefox (All variations), Google Chrome, Safari, and Opera.

This device can be used to get better your lost/forgotten password of any

Internet site, which includes popular net web sites, like FB, Yahoo, Google, and

Gmail, as long as the password is saved with the aid of your web Browser.

After retrieving your lost passwords, you could save them into

Textual content/html/csv/xml file, via using the ‘shop selected gadgets’ choice


Machine requirements And obstacles


* This utility works on any model of home windows, starting from windows

  2000, and as much as home windows 10, which includes 64-bit systems. Older variations of

  home windows (home windows ninety-eight/ME) are not supported, because this utility is a

  Unicode utility.

* presently, WebBrowserPassView can’t retrieve passwords from external tough-force (except Firefox web browser). Support for that might be

  added in future versions.

* On internet Explorer 7.0-9.0, the passwords are encrypted with the

  URL of the internet web site, so WebBrowserPassView makes use of the historic document of

  net Explorer to decrypt the passwords. If you clean the history of

  net Explorer, WebBrowserPassView might not be able to decrypt the


* On Google Chrome – passwords at the start imported from the internet

  Explorer 7.0-9.0, cannot be decrypted.

Variations history


* version 2.07:

  o constant to decrypt passwords of Firefox profile that uses each 3DES

    and AES-256.

* version 2.06:

  o fixed WebBrowserPassView to decrypt the new password encryption

    on Opera internet browser

* model 2.05:

  o added aid for decrypting the encryption key of the latest Firefox

    profiles (AES-256 in preference to 3DES).

* version 2.00:

  o delivered aid for the brand new password encryption of Chromium /

    Chrome internet browsers, starting from version eighty.

  O Be aware that the ‘nearby nation’ file, located inside the ‘user

    data’ folder, is needed for decrypting the passwords of Chrome 80 or


* version 1.94:

  o introduced a new record layout to export the passwords: Chrome CSV record.

    It is the identical record layout that Chrome web browser exports the

    passwords from chrome://settings/passwords

* model 1.93:

  o introduced help for Chromium-based Edge web browser.

  O The download zip file is now password-covered.

* version 1.Ninety two:

  o fixed malicious program: WebBrowserPassView should crash while decrypting empty

    passwords in Firefox.

  O WebBrowserPassView now automatically detects the Waterfox net


* version 1.91:

  o constant trojan horse: WebBrowserPassView crashed whilst reading Firefox key

    file (key3.Db) without a grasp key.

* model 1.Ninety:

  o constant WebBrowserPassView to paintings with Firefox 64-bit, and additionally

    WebBrowserPassView doesn’t want anymore the installation of Firefox to decrypt the passwords. This alteration additionally fixes a crash hassle that took place on some systems.

* version 1.86:

  o added ‘brief filter out’ feature (View -> Use brief filter out or

    Ctrl+Q). When it’s becoming one, you could type a string inside the text-container

    brought under the toolbar and WebBrowserPassView will immediately filter

    the passwords table, displaying the most effective lines that incorporate the string you


* version 1.85:

  o In the ‘superior alternatives’ window, you could now specify the bottom

    profiles folder for Firefox and Chrome (e.G:

    E:Usersuser1AppDataRoamingMozillaFirefoxProfiles ) and

    WebBrowserPassView will scan all profiles stored below the desired


* model 1.82:

  o delivered the ‘Filename’ column (For Chrome and Firefox web browsers).

* model 1.Eighty one:

  o delivered assist for Vivaldi internet browser.

* version 1.80:

  o subsequently… Fixed crash trouble passed off on some home windows 10

    structures (The hassle happened if you added Gmail or a different email account into the home windows 10 Mail utility). Additionally, WebBrowserPassView now shows the changed time of IE10/IE11 objects.

* version 1.75:

  o you could now pick the desired encoding (ANSI, UTF-eight, UTF-16) to

    store the csv/XML/textual content/HTML files. (below the alternatives menu)

  o fixed the trouble with saving the KeePass CSV report.

* model 1.70:

  o WebBrowserPassView now robotically come across the passwords of

    Yandex net browser.

* model 1.Sixty eight:

  o every other try and repair this mysterious windows 10 crash trouble, additionally

    brought extra debug information to /debugwin10

* version 1.Sixty seven:

  o Made some other restoration for windows 10 crash trouble…

* model 1.Sixty six:

  o Made a small alternate within the password extraction of

    IE10/IE11/Microsoft aspect that with any luck will solve the crash problems

    arise on some home windows 10 structures.

  O when you have windows 10 and WebBrowserPassView nonetheless crashes,

    please run WebBrowserPassView with /debugwin10 parameter, run also

    the DebugView tool of SysInternals, and then send me the last 4 debug

    traces that appeared before the crash.

* version 1.65:

  o introduced ‘Created Time’ and ‘modified Time’ columns (these columns

    are energetic simplest for web browsers that offer these statistics).

* model 1.60:

  o WebBrowserPassView now routinely detects the passwords of

    transportable Firefox if it is strolling within the historical past.

* version 1.58:

  o fixed WebBrowserPassView to show nicely consumer name/password

    with non-English characters on Chrome net browser.

* model 1.Fifty seven:

  o WebBrowserPassView now detects the profile folder of Chromium web


* version 1.Fifty six:

  o removed the command-line alternatives that export the passwords to a

    report from the official version. A model of this tool with full command-line aid could be published on a separate web page.

* model 1.Fifty five:

  o introduced support for Firefox 32 (logins.Json).

* version 1.50:

  o up to date to work with the modern-day variations of Opera.

* version 1.Forty six:

  o introduced secondary sorting help: you may now get a secondary sorting, utilizing protecting down the shift key whilst clicking the column header. Be conscious of which you simplest should preserve down the shift key while clicking the second/1/3/fourth column. To sort the primary column you

    have to now not keep down the Shift key.

* version 1.45:

  o added support for SeaMonkey web browser.

* version 1.Forty three:

  o fixed to paintings with Firefox 22.

* model 1.42:

  o Opera net browser: constant to hit upon properly the passwords of

    login.Live.Com and likely different web sites

* version 1.41:

  o advanced the password decryption on IE10 / home windows 7.

* version 1.40:

  o delivered help for the passwords of net Explorer 10.

* version 1.37:

  o WebBrowserPassView now reads the passwords from all profiles of

    Chrome net browser.

* model 1.36:

  o constant computer virus: WebBrowserPassView didn’t paintings with a grasp password

    of Firefox containing non-English characters.

* version 1.35:

  o WebBrowserPassView now extracts the passwords from all profiles

    of Firefox net browser and reads the profiles.Ini report of Firefox to

    get suitable profile folders.

  O brought ‘Mark abnormal/Even Rows’ alternative, below the View menu. When it’s

    became on, the extraordinary and even rows are displayed in extraordinary color, to

    make it easier to examine a single line.

  O constant issue: The homes conversation-field and other windows opened

    within the incorrect screen, on multi-video display units system.

* version 1.30:

  o add new command-line alternatives: /LoadPasswordsIE ,

    /LoadPasswordsFirefox , /LoadPasswordsChrome , /LoadPasswordsOpera ,

    and extra…

* version 1.26:

  o fixed worm: WebBrowserPassView didn’t get the passwords of

    Firefox and Chrome, if the course in their password report contained

    non-English characters.

* model 1.25:

  o delivered ‘user call discipline’ and ‘Password discipline’ columns for Chrome,

    Firefox, and Opera internet browsers.

* model 1.20:

  o delivered ‘Password power’ column, which calculates the electricity

    of the password and displays it as Very weak, vulnerable, Medium, sturdy,

    or Very robust.

* model 1.15:

  o added assist for Safari web browser (passwords are decrypted

    from the keychain. Post)

* model 1.12:

  o WebBrowserPassView now routinely extracts the passwords of

    Chrome Canary.

* version 1.Eleven:

  o The passwords of Chrome web browser are now displayed well

    even when the password report is locked via Chrome.

* version 1.10:

  o introduced an option to choose the favored Opera password file (wand.Dat).

  O Improved the detection of Opera password report (wand.Dat).

* version 1.05:

  o brought new options for Firefox passwords: Use a grasp password to

    decrypt the passwords, Load the passwords from the specified profile

    folder, and the option to use the required Firefox installation.

  O brought option specifies the profile folder (consumer data) of Google

    Chrome (as an instance: C:documents and SettingsAdministratorLocal

    SettingsApplication DataGoogleChromeUser DataDefault)

    Be aware that this selection only works if the profile become created via

    the contemporary logged on the person. Loading from outside pressure is not

    supported yet.

* model 1.00 – First release.

The usage of WebBrowserPassView


WebBrowserPassView would not require any installation process or extra

DLL documents. To be able to start using it, truly run the executable record –


After going for walks, the principle window of WebBrowserPassView displays the listing

Of all net browser passwords found in your system. You could choose one or

Extra passwords and then replica the list to the clipboard (Ctrl+C) or export

Them into text/xml/html/csv record (Ctrl+S).

False Virus/Trojan caution


WebBrowserPassView is a tool that retrieves mystery passwords stored in

Your device, and for this reason your Antivirus may falsely detect this tool is

Inflamed with Trojan/Virus. Click here to study more about fake alerts in

Antivirus packages.

Command-Line Options


Be aware: The store command-line options are disabled on the build you

Download from this internet web page. You may discover a package deal of password-restoration

Tools with complete command-line assist on the following internet web page: home windows

Password restoration equipment

/LoadPasswordsIE <0 whether or not to load the passwords of Internet Explorer internet browser.

Zero = No, 1 = yes 1>

Specifies whether or not to load the passwords of Firefox internet browser. 0 = No, 1

= sure 1>

Specifies whether or not to load the passwords of Chrome net browser. Zero = No, 1

= yes.

/LoadPasswordsOpera <0 whether or not to load the passwords of Opera web browser. 0 = No, 1 =

Yes 1>

Specifies whether to load the passwords of Safari internet browser. Zero = No, 1

= yes 1>

/FirefoxProfileFolder <Folder>

Specifies the profile folder of Firefox to load, as an example:

WebBrowserPassView.Exe /UseFirefoxProfileFolder 1 /FirefoxProfileFolder

“C:files 1>

/FirefoxInstallFolder <Folder>

Specifies the set up folder of Firefox to use, as an example:

WebBrowserPassView.Exe /UseFirefoxInstallFolder 1 /FirefoxInstallFolder

“C:application FilesMozilla Firefox”

/UseChromeProfileFolder <0 web 1>

/OperaPasswordFile <Password>

Specifies the master password of Opera, for instance:

WebBrowserPassView.Exe /UseOperaPasswordFile 1 /OperaPasswordFile


/stext <Filename>

Keep the passwords listing right into an everyday text document.

/stab <Filename>

Store the passwords list right into a tab-delimited textual content record.

/scomma <Filename>

Store the passwords list into a comma-delimited textual content file (CSV).

/stabular <Filename>

Save the passwords listing into a tabular text file.

/shtml <Filename>

Save the passwords list into an HTML file (Horizontal).

/sverhtml <Filename>

Store the passwords listing into an HTML file (Vertical).

/sxml <Filename>

Shop the passwords listing in the XML report.

/skeepass <Filename>

Shop the passwords list into a CSV record that may be imported into KeePass

Password supervisor.

/sort <column>

This command-line choice may be used with different shop alternatives for sorting

By using the preferred column. In case you do not specify this option, the listing is

Taken care of in step with the ultimate type that you made from the user interface.

The <column> parameter can specify the column index (zero for the primary

Column, 1 for the second column, and so forth) or the name of the column,

Like “URL” and “internet Browser”. You could specify the ‘~’ prefix individual

(e.G: “~internet Browser”) if you need to kind in descending order. You can

Positioned multiple /kind in the command-line if you need to type by using multiple



WebBrowserPassView.Exe /shtml “f:temppasswords.Html” /sort 2 /type ~1

WebBrowserPassView.Exe /shtml “f:temppasswords.Html” /kind “web

Browser” /sort “URL”


While you specify this command-line option, the list may be saved without

Any sorting.

Translating WebBrowserPassView to other languages


On the way to translate WebBrowserPassView to other languages, observe the

Commands below:

1. Run WebBrowserPassView with /savelangfile parameter:

   WebBrowserPassView.Exe /savelangfile

   A report named WebBrowserPassView_lng.Ini might be created in the folder

   of WebBrowserPassView software.

2. Open the created language document in Notepad or every other textual content


Three. Translate all string entries to the preferred language. Optionally,

   you may additionally upload your name and/or a hyperlink to your internet site.

   (TranslatorName and TranslatorURL values) in case you add these records,

   they will likely be used inside the ‘approximately’ window.

4. After you end the translation, Run WebBrowserPassView, and all translated strings could be loaded from the language report.

   In case you need to run WebBrowserPassView without the interpretation, truly

   rename the language report, or flow it to any other folder.



This software is launched as freeware. You are allowed to freely use it at

Your home or on your employer. However, you are not allowed to make earnings

From this software or to charge your clients for recovering their

Passwords with this software program, until you bought permission from the

Software program creator.

You are also allowed to freely distribute this application through the floppy disk,

CD-ROM, internet, or in some other way, as long as you do not rate

Something for this. In case you distribute this application, you need to encompass all

Documents inside the distribution package deal, without any change!



The software is furnished “AS IS” without any warranty, either expressed

Or implied, which includes, however not confined to, the implied warranties of

Merchantability and fitness for a selected cause. The author will not

Be responsible for any unique, incidental, consequential, or indirect damages

Because of loss of facts or some other purpose.



If you have any hassle, concept, remark, or you discovered a worm in my

Utility, you can ship a message to kalihybrid.info@gmail.Com


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