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DOWNLOAD Windows Update Blocker 1.6

 Windows Update Blocker is a freeware program that allows you to fully deactivate or activate Automated Updates on your Windows framework at the touch of a button. This utility is portable, so you are no longer forced to go through the installation process, and after its elimination, no leftovers can stay on the HDD.

If you place the software file on an external data drive, you can take Windows Update Blocker with you anywhere and use it on every machine you come in touch with, which is installed just right and doesn’t want to take the risk that your code may be messed up by an update. The Windows Upgrade Disable app is for the user in question.

Windows 10 has less UI power over the operating system’s upgrade behaviour than previous versions of Windows, there is no way to turn off Windows Updates using the Windows 10 Control Panel or Configuration app, automatically scans for updates, and downloads any updates you encounter, whether you want them or not. For most consumers, this new functionality is probably pretty handy.

You should uninstall the Windows Update program if you wish to maintain power of the update process. This allows you to open, find, and change the initialization parameter and status of the Services Manager. Whenever you want the operating system to search for changes, you will then have to activate the service again (It does not look so easy).

Note: If any of the services can’t be handled by Windows Update Blocker, they can be compromised, please use Microsoft’s Windows Update Troubleshooter, even if you don’t take these measures and only uninstall every service from the Wub.ini register, the service status would stay covered.

Latest Version: Windows Update Blocker 1.6

LATEST Requirements: Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10

Author / Product:Sordum Team / Windows Update



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